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Journalists enjoy special position worldwide, VP Danesh

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Journalists enjoy special position worldwide, VP Danesh
 KABUL: In the presence of Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, World Press Freedom Day marked in Kabul the other day, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
In a ceremony held by Journalists Safety Committee, congratulating the day to all world journalists VP Danesh pointed out that the journalists enjoy special position all over the world, according to the agency. 
Calling Saur 10, a dark day to journalists, VP Danesh stressed that Afghanistan’s enemies with conducting such terrorist attacks would make criminal and murdering case heavier, BNA added.
He pointed out that this day was a very distressful day to all of us, the agency went on to say.
Thanking international community’s widespread reaction on Kabul’s Saur 10 terrorist attack, second vice president said this was not enough, adding we expect the international community particularly human rights agencies, media and freedom of expression supporting entities as well as the United Nations and other world independent countries to adapt practical measures and pressure the terrorist groups and their foreign supporters.
He added these countries and international entities should join hands and bring the terrorists to justice due to their antihuman crimes.