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NSC to assess voter registration centers’ security

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NSC to assess voter registration centers’ security
 KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a session held to discuss elections related issues, the presidential palace said in a statement the other day. 
According to the statement, attended by Independent Elections Commission (IEC) in-charges and international partners, the meeting discussed improvement of voters’ registration process, the way to recruitpermanent and temporary employees to IEC, public awareness process, better ensuring security of voters’ registration and Tazkira distribution centers.
The president said works to prepare for upcoming elections should be done on time and voters registration centers’ security would be discussed in National Security Council (NSC) meeting, the statement added. 
He stressed that a specific mechanism should be established to recognize interferences’ factors, because, according to him, based on law, interfering is a crime and no one is allowed to meddle election processes, the statement continued. 
The president also stressed on further coordination of IEC with international organizations, adding we are talking with provincial governors and universities’ deans to encourage people attend election processes and we would consult with Ulama, political parties and civil society in the respect.