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New director of Govt. Dailies introduced

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New director of Govt. Dailies introduced
 KABUL: New director of Govt. Dailies of the Ministry of Information & Culture (MoIC) introduced in a ceremony by the advisor of that ministry which was held in the conference hall of Liberty Printing Press with the participation of a number of cultural professionals, journalists and government mediamen.
Addressing the ceremony, advisor of the MoIC Tareq Shah Reshad said, as you know, the former director of govt. dailies who was a cultural professional and academic personality, was retired due to senility and as per suggestion of the MoIC to presidential office, former director of Helmand provincial department of information and culture Farid Ahmad Farhang was appointed as the new head of govt dailies.” In appreciation of Arianfar, we would organize a separate function.”
Reshad added, although government dailies have good achievements in the field of delivering information, but they are also facing challenges and problems. “We must work on quality of government dailies beside their quantity. The dailies should be divided according to their jobs because their activities are not satisfactory to the leading body of MoIC,” he said.
Calling the new director of govt dailies Farid Ahmad Farhang as young, qualified and laborious, MoIC advisor added, previously he was director of Helmand information and culture department and had made a lot of efforts for improving of cultural activities in that province and I hope he would prove effective too as head of government dailies.
Then addressing the ceremony, Farid Ahmad Farhang said, I express gratitude to the MoIC for their trust in me and put a heavy burden on my shoulders.” He added, due to my great responsibility before my people I would do my best to further improve their activities in close cooperation of four government dailies.  As a young and experienced person in the field of media I would make more efforts for effective operation of dailies.