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CMs holds session

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CMs holds session
 KABUL: Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Council of Ministers (CMs) held session on Monday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported. 
At the outset, congratulating the advent of Ramadan, CE Abdullah condemned the recent terrorist attacks particularly the attack on Nangarhar Revenue Department and expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, according to the agency. 
He added recent painful incidents indicate that despite goodwill of the national unity government, the terrorist factions have never shown any preparation for talks neither in word nor in action, BNA added. 
He stressed it is time we don’t deceive ourselves anymore and join hands to defend our people and homeland. He added that Afghan people’s priorities are something else, but unfortunately, we are busy in works which is questionable for them, BNA went on to say. 
He said that the people supported the system, but their demands have not been met. ‘We still couldn’t transfer their martyrs and injures in some areas,’ Dr. Abdullah said. 
He expressed when the people defend six months while they have been surrounded and we cannot defend them, when we say we are responsible and have great responsibility, it can only rescue us in word, but we have nothing to say before Allah the Almighty and people. 
He pointed out we are in a hard stage of history and have a great responsibility. We ask the security and defensive in-charges to pay serious heed in this regard, CE Abdullah said. 
The people in districts where have consecutively collapsed in Faryab were in defense position, but when they didn’t receive backup, had to leave their areas, Dr. Abdullah said. This is while an interior ministry’s delegation has gone to that province and disarmed those who were responsible to ensure security of Bande Almar, he added. 
He said the people have been displaced in Tala Wo Barfak district. The way to district has been blocked since six months, and this situation would negatively affect security of many provinces such as Baghlan, Bamyan, Samangan, etc., he said. 
Over the last few days, we have witnessed a National Security Council meeting not any Armed Forces Supreme Commander meeting, he said, adding each day we have casualties and the people of Afghanistan are being massacred. Who is responsible and who is respondent to people? He asked.
Touching to interferences in elections’ work he said elections have reached to a sensitive stage. Acting head of Independent Elections Commission secretariat has recently resigned, he added. Few days ago, the issue over tagging registration stickers on Tazkira’s copy was discussed and it was decided the IEC to technically and legally review it, Dr. Abdullah said. 
He stressed that no one is allowed to threaten IEC and this would be the last point of democracy process. IEC members are complaining they are being threatened, he said, adding however, this is IEC’s authority to decide about it, but it is seen they are being pressured to accept this.   
He once again declared that no one is allowed to bring IEC independency under question and this is unacceptable. In fact, this is the Afghan people sacrifice in defending the government and democracy. Four members of IEC shared their views in the respect and said legally and technically this was impossible, he said, adding no process can be imposed on Afghan people.  Pointing at past elections, he said we would never allow anyone to repeat those frauds.
Today, one of the reasons why the people of Afghanistan are not interested to go to polling stations is that they say our votes had not been considered in the past elections, he said. 
CE Abdullah also expressed his condolences over martyrdom anniversary of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili and said Ustad Khalili had played key role in Afghanistan.  Likewise, Dr. Abdullah pointed out at Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan Teacher Training Institute’s teachers and students’ protest and instructed the minister of higher education and acting minister of education to address their demands. 
Afterward, deputy minister of commerce and industries reported about his trip to Pakistan and said Pakistan has accepted all suggestions of the delegation and assured to cooperate in easing business transactions. 
According to agenda, minister of refugees and repatriates reported about Afghanistan’s membership suggestion in International Financial System (IFS). He said Afghanistan’s membership in IFS has been approved. CE Abdullah tasked ministries of foreign and telecommunications to seriously cooperate during processing membership process in IFS.
Furthermore, the minister of agriculture reported about Salma Dam irrigation system proposal, adding work should be done on using Salma Dam, because, 75 percent of the water are being wasted.  Dr. Abdullah instructed that Salma Dam canals should be constructed with standard methods in order to prevent water wastage.