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CE, NSA congratulate advent of holy month of Ramadan

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CE, NSA congratulate advent of holy month of Ramadan
 KABUL: Chief Executive Office (CEO) in a message congratulated the advent of holy month of Ramadan, a month of mercy, forgiveness and rescue from the hell’s fire. 
Ramadan is a month of welfare, abundance and unity, the message further said.
The message added the sacred month of Ramadan is an opportunity to repent.
Simultaneously with the advent of Ramadan, the people of Afghanistan have been attacked by black terrorism and their supporters, whom have been committing antihuman and anti-Islamic acts under the name of Islam, the message went on to say.
During the holy month of Ramadan, the responsibility of religious scholarsand influential figures gets enhanced, as with using masjids and other religious places, they can enlighten the public minds and condemn violence, extremism, bloodshed and other crimes, the message continued. 
Recently, Islamic world ulama in a meeting held in Indonesia said, ‘The ongoing war in Afghanistan is in contrary with sacred religion of Islam and doesn’t have any religious and humanitarian justification,’ the message said. 
Lauding the Afghan security forces sacrifices whom are defending the national sovereignty and honor of this land, CEO prayed to martyrs’ souls, the message added. 
CEO hoped this month the ongoing violence and war are ended and the people live in a peaceful atmosphere. According to another report, National Security Advisor (NSA) Mohammad HanifAtmar also while congratulating the advent of holy month of Ramadan to all Muslims of the world particularly to Afghan security forces and martyrs’ families said this month was the month of sins’ forgiveness. May Allah the Almighty accept your prayers! NSA added.