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President Karzai confers high state medals to country’s culturists

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President Karzai confers high state medals to country’s culturists

 KABUL: Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while praising a number of the country’s writers, poets and literary figures for their works, activities and considerable services conferred them high state medals.

In a ceremony held yesterday at the presidential palace and attended also by Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen and Presidential Advisor for Academic and Cultural Affairs, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan conferred high state medals to a number of the country’s cultural figures, wishing them further successes towards serving to the country’s literature and culture. 
Based on the suggestion of MoIC and approval of presidential office, the following cultural figures were conferred high state medals:
1.Abdul Hadi Quraishi, researcher and writer of 305 books in Pashto and five books in Dari
2.Fazil Rahman Fazil, researcher, writer and translator of 309 research books and various articles’ translation, as well as Afghanistan’s ambassador to Egypt
3.Mohammad Azim Azimi, having 11 independent artifacts in geography, economy and Afghanistan tourism
4.Dr. Shir Ahmad Nasri Haqshenas, writer of various artifacts and books, living in Australia
5.Mohammad Arif Rahmani, writer of various books and researching articles
6.Nawaz Haqiqat Sanin, writer of 28 artifacts in Pashto written to children
7.Mohammad Azam Sistani, historian, geographer and writer of dozens artifacts, living in Sweden
8.Qanbar Ali Tabish, poet and writer
9.Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, well-known poet, having collections of poems 
10.Mohammad Asif Fekrat, writer of 35 books in history and literature, living in Canada
11.Asadullah Shoour, writer of various books in literature, living in Canada
12.Mohammad Rasool Bawari, archeologist and writer of 20 scientific artifacts, Chancellor of Khost University
13.Humaira Naghat, poetess and writer, living in Holland 
14.Ghotai Khawari, researcher and writer
15.Kazim Kazimi, famous poet and writer of various artifacts
16.Ustad Latif Nazimi, former lecturer of university and writer of various verses, living in Germany
17.Dr. Abdul Razaq Palwal, writer of various artifacts
18.Ghulam Sakhi Ghairat, writer, Afghanistan ambassador to Indonesia
19.Mohammad Wali Zalmai, writer, researcher and correspondent
20.Abdul Bari Ghairat, writer of various Islamic artifacts
21.Abdul Matin Matan Andkhoyee, poet and writer of 20 artifacts
22.Khwaja Nafas Musaed, poet in Turkmeni and knowledgeable figure
23.Senator Wasifi Badakhshi, poet and writer
24.Abdul Hai Arianpur, poet, living in the US
25.Professor Dr. Mohammad Hassan Kakar, historian, writer, translator of various artifacts, living in the US
26.Sayed Ahmad Shah Cheshti, one of Herat’s great religious figure and writer of 35 religious artifacts
27.Ustad Abdul Satar Seerat, writer of various Islamic books, living in the US
28.Ustad Enayatullah Shahrani, writer of various artifacts in art and a lecturer of fine arts, living in the US
29.Ustad Ghulam Ali Ayeen, writer of scientific artifacts in social affairs, living in the US
30.Ustad Dr. Sansil Naveed, writer of various researching artifacts in English and Dari, living in the US
31.Aqeela Nargis Rahmani, writer of various books in social and political issues
32.Zarin Enzor, writer of various books in literature and social affairs
33.Ishaq Fayez, writer and poet with 200 works 
34.Dr. Sahib Nazar Muradi, writer and researcher
35.Ihsanullah Salami, satirist and writer of five artifacts, living in Germany 
36.Yamana Sharik Manish, satirist and writer of three collections, living in Germany
37. Esmatullah Qani, writer and poet
38. Professor Hamidullah Amin, writer of various artifacts in Afghanistan geography 
39. Dr. Abdul Hamid Bahij, writer of artifacts in philosophy, journalism and political sciences  
40. Professor Dr. Majawar Ahmad Ziar, linguist and writer of 50 artifacts, living in London
41.Mohammad Asif Samim, critic, culturist and writer of 40 artifacts
42.Ali Shah Mazloomyar, writer and poet
43.Dr. Mohammad Akram Malekzai, writer and translator
44.Abdul Karim Muhib, poet, writer and translator and writer of 10 artifacts, living in US
45. Kamaluddin Mastan, poet, writer and translator with 10 works, living in the US
46. Dr. Shamsul Haq Aryanfar, poet, writer and researcher of dozens of artifacts, general director of government newspapers
47. Awrang Samim, poet, writer of independent artifacts
48.Ustad Saduddin Shpoon, poet and writer
49.Omara Khan Masoudi, head of Kabul Museum 
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