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Sadat; professional dentist with painting skill

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Sadat; professional dentist with painting skill

 Some people are far more interested in going ahead with more professions than to suffice to a single skill, as Dr. Bahram Sadat is an example with high capability to serve for his society.

About how he get fond of learning the art of painting, besides graduating from university in the field of stomatology, Sadat, in his opening speech with The Kabul Times’ cultural reporter, said, “I am a doctor in the field of stomatology, but extremely fond of painting and statuary.
He said he first started just a pencil-used painting, when entered the university, but engaged in main round, using oil-color in 2011. From that day forward, he said had 158 art works, but with no still a trainer to help him in the art. “I was only using internet sources, following world painters for developing my skill,” said Sadat who added he mostly prefer romantic and cultural ones and wanted to paint or portray.
Moreover, Bahram said besides using internet sources, he work on some historical, imaginary and somewhat focuses on live picture painting and mostly covering the country’s historical sites.
“Warm colors, velvet pieces and special brushes are mostly used in my painting, while I use my own finger in some of my tableaus,’ he said.
Colors compound, which is the key element of successfully developing the art, would be considered in the next steps, after some Kabul university teachers (fine arts faculty deans) visited the exhibition and give their helpful advices, he added.
He said he was seeking advices from the artists and culturists in the way to develop his skill in this field and interestingly wanted to first display his works for brining amendment through the consultation of the artists and in the next step, he would launch another show in cooperation with the government and non-governmental organizations.
According to him, more than 200 visitors including university teachers visited the displayed arts in the National Gallery, in cooperation with the ministry of information and culture and gave their advices for the improvement.
He said if his exhibited art could follow good results, he would display the next ones inside and outside the country.
A Kabul citizen and art fan, Abdul Baseer believed something, Dr. Sadat had done in a skill out of his profession was unprecedented and eye-catching, asking the government for providing him, with cooperation in order to help him, further develop his art skills.
Many art works have been exhibited in some provinces of the country, but, this is the first time a physician, out of his profession is capable to resort to an extra skill, the first of which had been shown in the capital Kabul.
          Karima Malikzada