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Ghazni Museum to be rehabilitated soon, official

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Ghazni Museum to be rehabilitated soon, official

 KABUL: Ghazni Museum is expected to be reconstructed, as the Ministry of Information and Culture has allocated the outlay for the project, an official said the other day.

Ghanzi Provincial Information and Culture Director, Bismellah Sharifi told The Kabul Times via telephone that with his proposal and approval of the Ministry of Information and Culture, the rehabilitation project on the museum building was expected to be started, after nine years of remaining shut and heavily destruction during the recent heavy explosion.
He said work had begun after nine years and the repair process for the historical relics was completed to have a city with preparation for international festival in 2013.
“Some of the historical relics related to the Buddha age and some with a long background of the Islamic period, which has unfortunately been demolished during the internal conflict, with the provincial department of information and culture collecting all pieces expected to be lodged in the museum, and along with other still intact relics would be put in show, after completion of the reconstruction process,” said Sharifi.
According to him, the museum with two main attracting parts; some reaching to the Buddha era while some relating to the Islamic period is expected to be reconstructed in modern standard through long-term programs.
He said the Ministry of Information and Culture would do this with its own outlay, but no still specific donor or sponsor has been reported to fund the project, said Sharifi, adding there was a need for professional personnel to draw attention of the world, as the goal was reached in 2013, in which the Islamic countries had been invited to visit the ancient city.
Many ceramic and copper pots left from the Ghaznavid and Timorid era and some other manuscripts and stone statues were available in the museum before being destroyed, he regretted adding the golden civilization in the Ghazni city had housed the precious relics.
A culturist of the ancient Ghazni city, Seddique Nasrat in a briefing with The Kabul Times regretted over what he blamed the unexpected conflicts to have destroyed all the country’s wealth, among them, the provincial rich museum which had recently been looked like a sole ruin, asking the organs concerned to pay attention in this respect and that more importantly collect the lost relics from across the country and abroad to help the city remain attractive for the world visitors, as it had become the center of the Islamic World Cultural Heritages few years ago.
Ghazni has a long age in the course of history and had raised the greatest civilizations during different centuries.
Karima Malikzada