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Afghanistan enjoys old culture, civilization

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Afghanistan enjoys old culture, civilization

 There have been countless scientists, poets, writers and researchers in Afghanistan since long whom have left many valuable books and works behind which famed our culture worldwide.

Reading book and to get knowledge enjoy especial position among the people in different societies. 
 In an interview with The Kabul Times, an in-charge of a library, Ahmad Zia Orsaji said, ‘Sarwar-e-Saadat Library is operational for ten years where has 18,000 books.’
There are domestic and foreign books in our library, Orsaji further said, adding most of the books are imported from Iran which are printed and translated in different languages.
Replying a question on publishers’ books, Orsaji said, ‘We have transferred our printing office from Iran to Afghanistan last year, adding we give special discount in publishing the books.’
Actually, money is not important to us but to supply more books, Orsaji continued.
Fortunately, book reading culture has increased since years, Orsaji went on to say. But unfortunately, since starting brain drain from the country, it has not only negatively affected book reading culture but everything else, Orsaji added.
In his last message to the young generation of the country, Orsaji said, ‘book is the best friend of us; we are ready to supply any kinds of books to youths, as well as we are ready to help university teachers in printing of the books.’
Mohammad Omar, a staff of Baihaqi publications department said, ‘book reading culture plays imperative role in the people lives, adding all scientists and great persons have reached high peaks through book reading.’
Last week of the Saur is recognized as the ‘Book and Book Reading Week’ and annually, book exhibitions are held in the center and other provinces of the country to mark the week. 
         Massouda Qarizada