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Focus on urbanization culture in Afghanistan

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Focus on urbanization culture in Afghanistan

 In the past, there was big difference between the costumes of ordinary citizens and the civil servants.

The citizens, while leaving for workplace like government administrations or other own work areas, they wore special garments, but, when they were leaving for home, they usually taking off their official ones and wore Afghan traditional costumes.
The students have also been using their own school or university uniforms, fully obeying cultural urbanization, while now, the culture is less admired by the citizens. “They are using their own favorite clothes at work and when staying home or going out for recreation,” according to Sayed Naser Shah Askarzada the principal of Isteqlal High School, who narrated about the era of King Amanullah Khan, during which the men and women have been using dissimilar costume, while going to their schools.
He said: King Amanullah himself wore special work uniform and the First Lady also with special clothing, when appearing among the crowd in a meeting or visiting work sites, Askarzada said had spent most part of his life of about 44 years in education sphere, but said in the uniform of his led school’s students not change has been occurred. “They now wear black pants and white shirt, like before, with the teachers taking on brown color long overcoat,” he said.
A regular style, if used in wearing clothing by the citizens while going out, staying home or appearing at the worksites, would help them be admired by the passersby as such style would clearly indicates the noble symbol of urbanization culture among the citizens, he added.
He asked the entire Afghan people to use their traditional costumes and continue respecting their local clothing styles as they are accepted nationally, as there is a need to differ between ordinary citizens and those of the government employees as well as school students from those of the universities.
Narrating about one of his memories, when he along with his wife wanted to go to the Cinema Aryana, a retired official of the public works ministry, Haji Ahmad Shah said they faced a special rule set by the recipient who prevented them of entering the hall unless removing burqa and wearing special clothing.
“We obeyed the rule. My wife wore the special costumes of pants and blouse and I too, wore pants without any extra wearing and then received permission to enter the Cinema Aryana,” said Ahmad Shah adding other cinemas have also set their own rules to popularize the culture of urbanization.
He said at that time no one was bothering women and girls even with pants and special shirt, but now they are full covered with burqa, and facing street harassments when appearing out or attending a ceremony.
A student of Al-Fatha High School, Karima blamed the current unpopular behavior of the men against women, despite being covered with burqa, wished if that era could return to use their favorite clothing that indicate dignified urbanization culture.
Karima Malikzada