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Art, a basic social need: Hashimi

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Art, a basic social need: Hashimi

 As it is evident, during different historical eras, our believed homeland, Afghanistan has been fostering high cultures and civilizations that have left behind rich treasuries created by our skilled, talented and acknowledged artists both ancient and contemporary.

All of them enjoy historical values, distinguishing Afghanistan’s national, cultural identity and have been considered as everlasting prides.
As art is a basic social need, said the head of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Learning Center Sayed Mohammad Saber Hashimi, therefore in 1351 H.S (1972) the Fine Arts branch was established and started activities in two fields of painting and sculpture. But it failed to meet the requirements of applicants of the art and more expectations were expressed for development of the art and development of artistic branches by youth and teenagers. The then government accepted their demands for change and expanded it and Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Foundation was established who was one of the acknowledged, active and talented artists at national and international level.
He added, this foundation has changed names several times since establishment and finally after a long stagnation and many ups and downs, regardless of all the past sweat and bitter memories that all of us remember them, it was rehabilitated in 1381 H.S (2002) in the name of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery and in 1392 (2013) it was renamed as the Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Learning Center.
He went to say that fortunately, so far this center has been playing effective and constructive role for growth of artistic talents of youth and teenagers and enrichment of Afghanistan art and culture with remarkable achievements. It is successful, positive and unprecedented move ahead was institutionalized as a result of administrative reforms, capacity building, control, supervision, proper planning, implementation of learning program, good management etc.
He added, on May 24.2016, a magnificent graduation ceremony was organized for celebration of 50 deserving graduates both girls and boys, by the MoIC with the participation of senior authorities, domestic and foreign invitees as well as the graduates family members and art  enthusiasts and the graduates received certificates. Their families presented batches of flowers and gifts to Maimanagi teachers and appreciated the government attention on development of this sector.
 Masouda Qarizada