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Positive impact of cultural centers on economy

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Positive impact of cultural centers on economy

 In recent times, different departments specially the MoIC have been attempting to focus serious attention to the country’s cultural historical works and protect and rehabilitate them. They have attracted attention of countrymen and tourists  with establishment, construction and rebuilding of cultural centers.

Although our country is rich due to its historical and cultural works but regrettably the three decades devastating conflicts have strongly damaged every parts of our country particularly our historical, cultural works, destroyed them or have smuggled them illegally to foreign countries.
Serious attention of government organs and cultural professionals  for rehabilitation of these historical, cultural works have caused us to enrich our ancient culture with construction of cultural centers, invite attention of domestic and foreign tourists and bring positive impacts on national economy.
Similarly, we have thousands additional cultural works that can be introduced to countrymen through those cultural centers, display them to thousands tourists and add affirmative impact on our economy. 
We appeal on all countrymen, cultural professionals and well-to-do people as well national traders to invest in cultural fields of their beloved country and focus serious attention to their country’s historical, cultural riches. 
They should also invest in construction of cultural centers that can play positive role in national and regional economy. 
For example we can mention of Bamyan big cultural center and several other small and big centers throughout Afghanistan.
Cultural, historical relic of a country describe its history and culture specially for a country like Afghanistan that owns thousands years rich ancient history and culture and in different eras of history had particular historical, cultural moments including historical cultural relic of Ghazni, Bust Fort in Helmand, ancient sculptures of Buddha in Bamyan as well as Nangarhar, Balkh and Kandahar etc. 
beside these, there are hundreds other and monuments covert unearthed works in different parts of our homeland.  
Famous writers, poets and cultural dignitaries have been trained and brought up in the lap of great empires including Ahmad Shah Baba, Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, Wazir Akbar Khan etc. 
Ancient monuments and historical, cultural works are great capital of a country, explain national culture and can play important role in economic development of the country. 
We can protect our cultural, ancient works properly in a peaceful atmosphere.  
The way should be paved to Afghan nationals as well as foreign citizens to travel freely to every nook and corner of the country, first recognize their national works and then introduce them to the world people.
   Weqar Ahmad Momand