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Eid’s footstep

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 Muslims around the world celebrate joyfully the largest festival of Eid, however feel sad to see the holy month of Ramadan was ended.

Eid-ul-Fetr, the cleanest festival, as during the thirty days of fasting month, Muslims could rinse their sinful hearts and remain waiting for the next days; either they would commit any fault and guilty again or could resist against the provoking devilment.
Eid-ul-Fetr is not the end of the holy month of Ramadan, but one’s rising from their own ashes and facing new days, with new spirit.
Ramadan with its breaking and early fasts, with its nights of power and chants would make a new human from the worshiping Muslims, whoever could take fast during the thirty days of the holy month of Ramadan, during which they tried to suffer thirst and hangar, with the end to be waiting for his/her Great Lord for rewards.
Amir-ul-Mominin, Ali (pbuh) in of Eid-ul-Fetr gave sermon to the people as saying people whoever could rightly take fast and refrained from sin and guilty would be waiting for their reward from the Allah Almighty at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, while those remained sinful and did nothing during the holy month would face anger from the Allah Almighty.
This days resembles much to the day of judgment; with getting out to the mosque for prayer, you should remind a time of resurrection from the dead in graveyard, when standing up for offering prayer remind you are standing before your Lord for and finally when returning your homes, remind that you are letting to enter the great paradises.
An angel chants for the believers to be waiting for their reward as their sins have been forgiven and be cautious for their next time, the remaining of their lifetime.
Eid-ul-Fetr is called Fetr for allowing the people to break their fasts for the next rests of 11 months in the year and that Sadaqat-ul-Fetr for helping poverty suffering households with specially charity.
In Afghanistan, there are wide number of households mourning at their dear ones, who lost their lives during deadly explosions and suicide attacks carried out by those believing themselves the right messenger of God, while they are doing nothing in favor of the holy Islam, but committing something abhorrently condemned by the holy religion’s teachings.
         Massouda Qarizada