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Afghanistan’s pure music improved

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Afghanistan’s pure music improved

 The music of Afghanistan has existed for a long time, but since the late 1970s the country has been involved in constant wars and people remained less interested about music. As such, music in Afghanistan has been suppressed and recording for outsiders is minimal, despite a rich musical heritage.

Afghanistan’s pure music consists part of the country’s art and culture and enjoys special position among the people. 
In fact, more than three decades of war in Afghanistan has caused irrecoverable damages, as it negatively affect the music section, therefore, it is the responsibility of any related in-charge to protect and preserve the pure music of the country.
Head of music directorate, Mohammad Ehsan Orfani told The Kabul Times, ‘the pure music of Afghanistan was about to be destructed after the domestic wars, but fortunately, due to tireless efforts, it is getting improved by each passing day.’
Orfani added that over the past three decades of war majority of the artists and instrument players had sought refuge or died. Meanwhile, during the period, no attention had been paid to the pure music of Afghanistan. 
But, fortunately, Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Bari Jahani has paid much consideration in the field of music and art, he went on to say. 
The music directorate is consisted of 30 personnel, due to which, it can’t play its role properly. The directorate has 14 professional artists who work as contracted, he continued. After much effort, the MoIC has recently built an orchestra group to preserve the pure music of Afghanistan, he pointed out. Tambour is an Afghan made music instrument which has two thousand years history in the country. 
By coming of music trainers, the music section has recently got operational, and 60 students are learning music instruments, which is a positive step in the field of Afghanistan’s pure music.
The music directorate prepared a great orchestra which was already inaugurated by Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Bari Jahani to strengthen the spirit of the brave personnel of the Afghan security forces by performing epic melodies and folklore songs.
The directorate will launch a music festival on August this year, where 10 songs will put into competition and among them, 3 best songs will be selected and the program would broadcast live.
In the past, there was just National TV, and every singer was able to record his/her song in the archive of radio television after a process.  But, now it’s a free market, where the singers make clips with showing of Tajik dance and then take their clips to TV channels for broadcasting. This is while that the pure music instruments of the country consist of tambour, dambura, ghichak, flute, Do Tar of Herat, etc. Fortunately, the pure music of Afghanistan has been registered in list of historical, cultural, artistic heritages of the UNESCO.