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Tourism culture improves Afghanistan’s economy

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Afghanistan enjoys attractive touristic sites, ancient history, historical works and monuments, pleasant climate, spectacular natural scenes and therefore it was interesting to tourists, since the past and had attracted attention of the world tourists. In the past, every year over 50000 tourists from across the global visited Afghanistan and its historical sites Kabul historical sites include Balahisar, Koh-e-Sherdarwazah, Bagh-e-Bala, Kabul museum as well as Istalef, Guldarah, paghman, Badakhshan, Herat, Bamyan etc. their travel was arranged by Afghan Tour Department, MoIC.
Historical sites of Kandahar included shrine of Khirqa Mobarak, Chelzinah, Baba Wali tomb. Helmand historical sites include Qala Bost a remnant of Hechameninds empire. Herat sites include Khawja Abdullah Ansar shrine, Qalal Alexander the Great, Herat big mosque, tomb of Gawharshad Begum which are remnants of Temorid empire. Jam minaret located in Ghor province.
Bamyan sites include Band-e-Amir, Dara Foladi, Gholghola and Zuhak cities, Salsal and Shahnama idles with 55m and 35m height respectively with a background of over 2800 years. Every year thousands tourists visited these historical, ancient sites and purchased local handicrafts in reasonable prices which was a good source of income to locals.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Garzandoi and Tourism Department, MoIC Noor Mohammad Hassankhyl said, over 7pc area of Afghanistan is historical sites. Although the number of tourists has decreased comparing to that of previous years.
He added, in 2012, there were over one billion tourists in the world.
Hassankhyl went on to say, it is needed to bring certain facilities in permit issuance law of travel and tourism companies to attract more tourists. Last year over thousands tourists visited Bamyan, over 200 visited Herat and hundreds tourists visited other parts of Afghanistan that was a good achievement for our department.
He said, for improvement of tourism industry, a professional Institute is expected to be constructed with an expenditure of US$500000 from the development budget of the MoIC. The curriculum of the institute has already been prepared. This institute is due to teach students in three branches of “Ecotourism, history, culture, ancient works and sites”, Hotel management and standard services as well as “English language and travel guide”.
Talking on the most important ancient sites of Afghanistan, he said, at present Wakhan of Badakhshan, Band-e-Amir National Park, Herat, Balkh, Salang, Jalalabad Kabul are the most spectacular parts. This year we collected an income of Afs 25m Mizan 26th is conceded the World Tourism Day and the MoIC has taken particular preparations to celebrate this day.