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Improvement of tourism industry in Herat

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Improvement of tourism industry in Herat

Due to its historical attractions and monuments, Herat has always hosted foreign tourists since long.

Unfortunately, due to recent wars in the country, the tourism industry has faded in some provinces, particularly Herat, but fortunately, as a result of efforts made by the province’s officials, this industry has been revived.

Herat is one of the provinces where is the home of 850 historical sites, director of Herat information and culture department, Aria Raufian told The Kabul Times.

Besides cultural sites, natural attractions including parks and beautiful hillsides have made Herat more attractive since long, Raufian further said, adding the province also enjoys arranged transportation system, international airports and other necessary facilities to domestic and foreign tourists.

According to Raufian, the domestic tourists are gradually increasing, as every year, thousands of people visit sacred places and historical sites of the province.

Last year, we had hosted almost 10,000 domestic tourists in the province, and this year, we have had 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists so far, 500 of whom have been from different countries of the world, he went on to say.

He added that the information and culture directorate of Herat has held different programs including international exhibition of Herat’s handicrafts, hotel management and World Tourism Day, as well as the department has published a guidance book of Herat in two languages of English and Persian for the very first time. 

The department has planned to start tourism services in the province to help the tourists visiting Herat, he continued.

Touching to the revenues of tourism Rofyan added that tourism industry is generating huge amount of revenues, holy places and historical sites don’t charge any money, tickets are only charged for Qalai Ekhtyaruddin and National Museum, 500 afs for foreign tourists, 100 afs for domestic ones, 50 afs for locals and 20 afs for students and these monies are delivered to the ministry of finance annually.

Despite holy sites and ancient monuments with different religions background, church of Jews, historical structures had been built before and after Islam are also existed in the province, he continued. Furthermore, Herat attracts huge number of Muslim tourists for having ancient Islamic history and structures such as the holy Gazargah, Herat Masjid— the fifth largest Masjid in the world, tomb of Khwaja Abdullah Ansar, Maulana, jame Herawe, Ghulam Hussain Kashifi, etc., he added.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is one of those countries where have always been a better destination for domestic and international tourists, through which it earns huge amount of revenues annually, he conclude.