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Kolokhi picnic in Afghanistan

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Kolokhi picnic in Afghanistan

Kolokhi picnic is a traditional festivity being held in many provinces such as, Logar, Ghazni, Maidan/Wardak and Bamyan in autumn.
In this season, the people, particularly the youth gather together on potato farmlands to celebrate Kolokhi picnic.
Kolokhi is some kind of fried potato being cooked under a clods-made dome and fires.
This picnic is very familiar in Bamyan province, where the people go to beautiful valleys of Kalo, Iraq, Mooshak, Foladi and many more to celebrate this festivity.
Maidan/Wardak and Bamyan are two largest potato producers’ provinces in the country, where have best quality potato in the region.
Barat Ali Bamyani told The Kabul Times that Kolokhi picnic is being held in the province, and the necessary ingredients are some clods, match, pepper, salt and potato.
Afterward, there will be made a circle height half a meterwith clods to make a dome and then a fire will be created beneath it, Bamyani further said.
When inside the dome is much warm, the people put the potatoes beneath to get cooked, Bamyani added.
Before the Kolokhi gets ready, the youth will start playing local games including, football, volleyball and many more to enjoy their day, he went on to say.
Then, after passing one or two hours, when the people get hungry, they go to the clod-made dome to take the potatoes away and finally they will eat it with salt and pepper, he continued.
Another Bamyan inhabitant, Rahmatullah holds Kolokhi picnic with his friendstwice in a week to enjoy weekends.
He said they will also eat chips, bolani, etc. to make their picnic more beautiful.
Bamyan produces 300000 tons of potato annually, he said, adding its potato is also being exported to Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
This is while that Kolokhi picnic is being held in many provinces of the country since long through which the people try to forget everything and make themselves happy.