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Hat making a popular industry in Afghanistan

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Hat making a popular industry in Afghanistan

 Afghanistan is a traditional country with unique handicrafts including jewelries, Afghani clothes, embroidery and hat making that take place by males and females and enjoy universal reputation and attracted tourists attention.

Hats are made in Uruzgan province from fabrics and decorated with silver jewelries with special beauty. The people of Nangarhar make hats from reeds which is a common plant and then decorate with especial paints and local people use them often because the sun shine doesn’t penetrate it. The hats people of Nooristan are usually in form of Pakol which is made of especial sheep wool. They cut a piece of blanket and cut it in circular form and connect it with another circuler piece of woolen fabric and decorate it with their fingers. It is usually made by young girls and ladies with especial decorations.
The Kandahari hats are make by women decorated with gold laces and small circular mirrors with different colors used by young boys and men.
Herati hats are made of pure silks by hand or sewing machines. The upper part of the hat is called as “Tareqi Hats of Jawzjan province is made of silk and especial decorations are painted or installed on the verge of the hat.
The hats of Kunduz and Helmand are made of gold lace. These hats are called as Qorsi which are decorated with lovely decorations.
Hats of Mazar-e-Sharif have different designs and forms which are made of gold lace with beautiful paints. The upper verge of the hats are made of silk decorated with gold lace.
Hats of Bamyan are made with very careful skills. They fold fabrics several time and stitch it by machine and decorate it with silver jewelries.
Mohammad Omar who sells different hats in Chicken Street, Shahr-e-Naw Kabul, said “I have been involved in selling of antique goods since over 40 years.
I usually supply ancient and historical items including hats made by females.
Omar added, I usually supply over 80 types of ancient and new hats. We have many customers.
Afghans who come from abroad purchase our hats especially those decorated with ancient coins. He added, in previous peaceful years our business was very good and we supplied handcrafts of different provinces including Afghani clothes and nomads clothes to foreign tourists.
Omar said, now stitching of clothes has changed, today Afghani clothes are made of thin silk fabrics, with slight weight.