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Overall condition of Ghor cultural heritage

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Overall condition of Ghor cultural heritage

 Ghor, one of the country’s central provinces, is a low-developed province. When we talk about Ghor’s historic monuments, we think of Jam Minaret considered one the most famous cultural monuments in the country.

Afghanistan is a historic and cultural country located in heart of Asia and each part and corner of our country has its own history.  One of the country’s province having historic and cultural monument is Ghor whose Minaret of Jam is very famous.
The Minaret of Jam, one of the famous historic and cultural monuments, is located 60 Km north-east of the province’s provincial capital and has been identified as a world cultural monument by UNESCO.  This graceful soaring structure was constructed in 1202 at the era of Sultan Ghayasuddin Ghori and is an outstanding example of the architecture and ornamentation of the Islamic period in Central Asia and as known as the second old minaret after the Qutb Minar, Delhi. It is worth mentioning that there are other historic and cultural monuments which are related to centuries ago. Ghor has no museum to preserve and keep its cultural and historic heritages, but a number of the province’s historic monuments are preserved in provincial directorate of information and culture, while other historic monuments of the province are preserved in Kabul museum.
Previously, the people of Ghor had made complaint that due to insecurities in the province some of the province’s historic monuments have been illegally trafficked by armed individuals to other countries.
Most of the time cultural sessions and workshops are held in the province as it is known one of the country’s cultural provinces. Moreover, media and telecommunication system have also improved in the province and such developments have caused that most of our countrymen and cultural figures are interested in visiting the province.
Also, the province has lots of achievements in education sector as most of schools have been constructed and opened and thousands of students ‘boys and girls’ go to schools, religious madrasas and vocational training centers in the province.
On the other hand, handicraft is one the most significant products in the province where a large number of women are busy and play a vital role in this sector. Most residents of the province also engaged in agriculture and play key role in economic development of the province by producing various agricultural products.
According to officials of provincial directorate of information and culture, historic and cultural monuments and heritages of the province are facing with risk of destruction due to increasing insecurities and threats and the central government was asked to pay serious attention in this regard. Moreover, officials of directorate of information and culture asked ministry of information and culture to take step towards renovation of those monuments which are under destruction and preservation of all historic and cultural monuments so that the country’s cultural would be bright forever.