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Two historical monuments discovered in Baghlan

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Two historical monuments discovered in Baghlan

 There are over 5000 historical monuments in the country most of posing to danger of destruction including 28 in Baghlan requiring rebuilding urgently. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Baghlan provincial information and culture department Shukria Asil said, “Baghlan province is area with ancient treasuries due to its historical background which is indicator of cultural and ancient identity of this territory this land has been the heir of the biggest pre-Islamic religions including Budhism, vidi,, Zoroaster and Brahmanism each with a 5000 years background led by powerful sultans, leaders and rulers like Yema, Kadfizos, Kanishka etc.

She added, historical sites of Baghlan province included Tapa Sorkh Kotel, Cheeen Qala, Shemorque, Chaharshanbe Tapa which all of them located along the silk route. 
Two historical monuments have recently been discovered in Shemorque site by domestic and foreign archeologists that are the most important relics after Bamyan idles. The second monument has been discovered in Chehel Qala and according to archeological researches belong to Koshanids ear. This monument has been considered as the Koshanids cultural center Historical bricks in this site show that its very priceless work.
Ms. Asil went on to said, “This site was manuscript is one of the most important relic. A sculpture without head was discovered in Sorkh Kotal and is currently in Kabul museum, might have been belonged to the first koshands king.
Touching the situation of Baghlan historical monuments, Ail said, “Its situation is very disturbing particularly the monument in Shemorque which is being collapsing due to natural disasters. 
We have so far sent several official letter to the HQ MoIC but so far no attention has been invited for its rehabilitation. There is a huge rock on the top of this relic that if it collapses, the relic will be destroyed after the discovering, the French, British and Afghan experts determined its background and amounted that it’s the second important ancient relics after Bamyan.
Ms Asil said, unfortunately no historical monument has been repaired in Baghlan so far. The ex-deputy MoIC for culture affairs had also visited this site three years ago and promised to send a team for repairing but nothing was happened. We have prepared a development plan for 2017 on touristic sites and sent a clear proposal.