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Tourism industry facing security challenges in Badakhshan

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Tourism industry facing security challenges in Badakhshan

 Badakhshan province with attractive tourism nature and wild animals has, in the past, drawn attention of tourists from the region and the world, is located in the northeastern part of the country.

Pamir Mountain, entitled with ‘Roof of the World’ is located in the ancient province, where thousands of tourists each year even cragsmen and rock climbers usually visit it.
Wild and the rarest animals including snow leopard and Marco polo deer are the most famous ones mostly living atop the high mountains, years ago and recently said to have appeared in the areas, but the generation is feared to be cut due to fragile security and illegal hunting by irresponsible individuals.
More than five years, a snow leopard was trapped by some shepherds who claim they have held it after their animals were under attack by it along the skirts of the Pamir Mountain.
The leopard was unskillfully taken to Faizabad – the provincial capital in a policy ranger-type truck that suffered much during the at least one hundred kilometer non-asphalted long road tour.
Before the Taliban emergence in some districts of the province, a flock of wild animals including Marcopolo have been seen along the mountains between both Badakhshan provinces of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, but disappeared when illegal groups of armed men attacked them for food or skin in the said hillsides.
The ministry of information and culture, after announcing Pamir as the first national park of the country, asked for any sides to make effort for its protection and not resorting to hunting wild animals moving along the highest historical months.
So, the entire area residents are asked to spare no effort in providing cooperation with the related officials in protection of the park, as it is not the property of others, but public and under the government full control.
In the past, some reports said some areas of the park had been claimed as their properties, with soon after, the government resorted to its full control and the ministry of information and culture announcing the country’s national park.