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Helmand historical sites require urgent attention

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Helmand historical sites require urgent attention

 The southern Helmand province which was once the cradle of civilization and culture has accommodated large number of historical ancient sites that require rebuilding and repairing.

Talking on these ancient sites in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Helmand provincial department of information and culture, Faridullah said, there are over 80 ancient sites in Helmand including Qala-e-Boost, Sultan Mahmoud Palace, Argh Palace, Qala Tanor, Qala Otoo, Qala Safar, Qala Bolan, Qala makhter, Qala depersoz, Qala Khawja Bederboshran, Qala Shahzadah Baba, Qala Spoghmay, Qala Khawja Ali, Qala Khawja Ghaib, Qala Amirbland baba, Qala Darwishano, Qala Shaman, Qala Greshk, Qala Now, Qala Khanshin, Qala Dishoo, Qala Jolj, Qala Qawar, Qala Musa, Qala Fateh Khan, Qala Karam Khan, Shah Hussein Shrine, Qala Sarwan, Qala Loyadeh, Qala Nad Ali, Qala Momin, Qala Panjaw, Qala Shah Ismaeal Agha and others as most of them are posed to destruction.
He went on to say, Qala Boost for instance has a background of over 3000 years. Amir Karor royal palace was constructed in 139 H.Q which was his accommodation.
In most provinces historical sites have been rebuilt and we would like to ask MoIC to focus attention on rebuilding of our ancient sites. Only tomb of Shah Hussein has been rebuilt while Qala Bost despite of its historical importance has not been rebuilt yet.
Hinting on visit of the local and foreign tourists to Helmand ancient sites, he said, due to bad roads as well as deteriorating security situation the number of terrorists has considerably decreased. Security is a top priority for rebuilding of ancient sites. There is no museum in Helmand as it is an urgent need for accommodation of excavated relics. Our ancient sites should be registered for information of visiting tourists. 
    Karima Malikzada