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Pen reflects historical identity, freedom

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Pen reflects historical identity, freedom

 Pen is the manifestation of Allah, miracle of human being, builder of human civilizations, guardian of mankind’s identity, source and protector of all civilizations. Pen is an illuminating light, a means by which people express their ideas.

With pen we can build or destroy society and lead it towards quagmires of annihilation. If pen is deviated, it would be against human rights, women rights and child’s rights. With pen we can lead people from darknesses toward light and brightness. Pen is gifted to human being from the eternal table. Therefore, we should use pen correctly, because it is guide of human being and if it is used wrongly, it would lead mankind to devastation. 
Pen rescues mankind from misleading and leads him or her to bank of salvation. It pen is moved realistically, it would be sharper than sword, stronger and powerful then weapons of mass destruction. So writers should write good, become leader of people and rescue them from current chaotic situation and serve them honestly. If writers, poets, teachers, scholars and elites decide sincerely, they can build heavenly abode on the earth. 
Pen reflects historical identity and freedom. Pen provides precise information on our past history and explains the past ideas, religions, cultures, civilizations and economies. If our pen holders make sincere love with pen, no doubt, they would achieve highest spiritual positions in society. 
As the holy Quran says, “The one who takes a pen in hand, has the biggest responsibility. But those who mislead mankind with pen perpetrate a big and unforgivable sin”.
Implementation of instructions, and orders of holy verses of Al qalam has been left to shoulder of educated people. Allah curses those who use pen and show off right wrong and vice versa and bribe.
As we know eagle doesn’t eat meat of eagle and loin doesn’t eat meat of loin but these so called human being suck blood of their fellow countrymen and innocent Muslims. They are apparently mankind while in reality they act like wild animals. These people go Mecca with illegal money, call themselves Haji, and support their family and children with this illegal money, construct modern houses and buy top model cars. They are unaware that on the resurrection day they would be accountable to Allah. They are like devils who have disobeyed order of Allah and on the last day, a necklace of curse will be hanging from their neck.
Those who build marble palaces  from themselves, buy luxury and armored cars, eat the best delicious foods and buy expansive cloths to their families and children with their pen, are those capital holders who put surplus value of workers into their own pockets, are in fact robber and plunderers. 
If you are asked who would be deserving to be caliph of Allah to be called as the “ the best of creatures” you would immediately respond that he should be decorated with knowledge and ethics.