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Eid preparations & customs of Afghanistan people

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Eid preparations & customs  of Afghanistan people
 We are on the threshold of celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. Kabul markets are full of the people buying dried fruits, clothes and other necessary things for Eid. But, they are shocked when asking for the price of clothes, dried fruits and other things as the prices of all things have hiked recently and this has caused that many families in Kabul face with further problems.
Fareshta Tamana, a university student, told The Kabul Times correspondent, “During the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, the people of Afghanistan are starting to take preparations for Eid days. Families usually prepare gifts as Eidi for fiancée of their son and this is considered as old tradition of the people of Afghanistan”.
Answering a question, Tamana said, “As you know that buying and preparing gift (Eidi) is one of Afghanistan traditions, we are also to buy and prepare the gift for our son’s fiancée. As you see the prices are very high and buying a set of dress is very expensive and most families cannot afford to buy such gifts”.
Sima, a woman who is preparing for Eid days said, “On the threshold of Eid, most of families start cleaning their homes. I have started cleaning my home too. We do clean, wash clothes, rugs and carpets and paint all rooms of our home and this is the old tradition of the Kabul people”.
“Most of families are very interested in buying new furniture, carpets and rugs for their homes. If a family cannot afford to buy, they clean and wash their old carpets and furniture and make use of them during the Eid days and celebrate the days with full happiness”, Sima added.
Abdullah, who has done some shopping for Eid says before Eid the people usually go shopping and buy all necessary foodstuffs, but unfortunately the prices are so high now a days. He added that the prices of dried fruits have increased by 50% comparing to last year, but the prices of cookies, chocolates and candies are remained unchanged.
Ahmad Javed, another Kabul resident who is doing some shopping said, “I’ve come to buy for Eid days, but the prices of all things are so high. Rich people can afford to buy fresh and dried fruits easily, but most of the people are poor and cannot afford to buy such fruits. We are asking the government to control the prices in particular before and during the Eid days so that miserable and poor people could also buy fresh and dried fruits and celebrate the Eid days with full happiness”.
A number of shopkeepers in various markets of Kabul told The Kabul Times correspondent that increasing and decreasing the prices of foodstuffs were not on their hands but on the hand of national traders. It is worth mentioning that the people of Afghanistan have kept their custom and traditions and follow their own traditions during the Eid days.  
Karima Malikzada