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Panjshir historical monuments to be repaired

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Panjshir historical monuments to be repaired
 Panjshir literally “Five Lions”, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northeastern part of the country. The province is divided into seven districts and contains 512 villages. 
As of 2013, the population of Panjshir province is about 146,100. Bazarak serves as the provincial capital. 
Head of Panjshir provincial department, Ghulam Rassoul Farahin told The Kabul Times that there are two historical monuments in the province located in Zawab and Koti Khawak areas. 
The one which is located in Koti Khawak is being repaired by the ministry of information and culture and the list of 9 other historical monuments has been sent to the historical monuments’ general directorate for survey, he further said. 
“The information and culture department of Panjshir is making effort to build a museum in the province and the historical and cultural relicts would be collected with the help of in-charges,” he added. 
On future plans of Panjshir, he said we had many plans, for which the students and their parents’ views would be taken.
On their problems, he said, “We need a vehicle to discover the historical sites in Panjshir province.”
At the same time, Abdul Ahad Abbasi, head of historical monuments directorate said, “We have 13 historical monuments in Panjshir province and work is ongoing to repair them all.” 
He added but based on our priorities, we will decide about repairing Panjshir historical monuments later. 
Karima Malikzada