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Bamyan’s Koh-e-Aros with particular attraction

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Bamyan’s Koh-e-Aros with particular attraction
 Beside Band-e- Amir, the ruined Budha status, historical cities of Zuhak and Gholghola which attract every year thousands domestic and foreign tourists, Arooskoh is another touristic attraction.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, acting head of Bamyan provincial department of information and cultural Sayed Ahmad Hussein Ahmad poor said, with a height of over 4500 meter Arooskoh located on the snow-clad peaks of Baba mountains in Panjab district overlooking several local villages. 
He added, Arooskoh borders on the west with Tagab Berg, on the east to Terghy, on the south to Mehr and Terpas, on the north to Khak Ghagaghar village of Yekavalang district. Due to its location and physical structure, Arooskoh is a relatively secure and suitable place for zoo animals, birds and reptiles. 
Plenty of those creatures have sheltered in Arooskoh. Beside animals and birds, Arooskoh accommodated hundreds medicinal herbs which are usually exploited by locals for pharmaceutical purposes.
He went on to say, precious stones like lapis lazuli, emerald, marbel can be found in Arooskoh. There are several springs of transparent water in Arooskoh. The slopes of Arooskoh is not only an interesting place for tourists but also cattle breeders and bee keepers also exploit it for production of dairy products and pure natural honey. Tourists gift honey to their friends. This honey enjoys special popularity. 
These is a mythology on the cause of denomination of Arooskoh as elders narrated.
In ancient days a beautiful and dignified girl was living on the western villages of this mountain. On the other side of the mountain a boy was living who had the business of ironsmith who was famous in bravery and generosity. One day this boy traveled to the other side of the mountain for a private issue on the way he was tired and thirsty and sat on bank of all spiring to drink some water. Suddenly he saw the picture of a wonderful girl and immediately he felt in her love. After a while he expresses his love to her and solicits the girl from her father.
The girl’s father who was leader of that area and was aware of bravery and generosity of the boy, agreed and married his daughter to him. After seven days, the boy asked his father-in-law to allow his to return to his native home village. 
His father-in-law agrees and prepare a caravan of several people to escort the newly wed couple to their house. But on the way, a number of devil people followed them and attacked the caravan. The groom decided to defend his wife but injured seriously. 
The attackers decided to capture the bride and rape her. But the sincere bride, pray to Allah to rescue her from devils army and protect her. 
Allah accepted her plead and all of them changed to stone.
Today this myth has been changed to a believe among locals and is symbol of dignity and bravery.
Arooskoh located 140 m from the center of Bamyan. But so far no one has dared or managed to put step on the last summit of this mountain. 
Karima Malikzada