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Holding exhibitions to help improve handicrafts

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Holding exhibitions to help improve handicrafts
 Calling holding exhibitions an effective way to improve their works, a number of craftsmen asked the ministry of commerce and industries to annually hold domestic exhibitions several times. 
A craftsman in Morgh-Foroushi alley, Haji Jan told The Kabul Times there is no doubt that holding exhibitions can improve Afghan handicrafts, adding in my opinion, when a craftsman makes effort to make something, he/she expects for a good market to sell that.
Lack of market to sell the crafts is our only problem, he said, adding I ask the government to pay heed and figure it out. 
Different types of Afghani handicrafts can be seen in Morgh-Foroushi alley, located in Shahr-e-Now.
There are more than a hundred kinds of handicrafts in Haji Mohammad’s shop, indicating Afghani craftsmen hard-works.
Haji Mohammad said his handicrafts have been made by azure, marble, emerald and silver jewelries, which have their special customers.
‘Earlier, our customers were mostly foreigners, but due to some political changes, now foreigners are rarely seen in this alley,’ he further said.
Likewise, some of our countrymen who come from abroad are also eager to visit this alley and buy their favorite hand-made products, he added. 
The production and designing factory of handicrafts is located in Qara-Bagh and Shakar Dara districts, Kabul province, where a number of craftsmen are busy in.
It is merit to mention that the designed works have been made by precious stones and their prices start from 3000 to 6000 Afg.
Our customers have recently decreased, but a number of our countrymen buy our products and take them to abroad, Haji Mohammad went on to say.
At the same time, the government considers to hold exhibitions for Afghan craftsmen, as recently, a women handicrafts exhibition was held in Kabul University.
The ceremony was attended by the First Lady advisors, heads of ministries of women, agriculture and livestock as well as commerce and industries and a number of university students.
During entrepreneur women exhibition, the women handicrafts were displayed in forty booths and it was operational for three days.
The show was held by the ministry of commerce and industries and financially sponsored by German Society for International Cooperation (giz). 
Shukria Kohistani