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Badghis historical sites need to be repaired

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Badghis historical sites need to be repaired
 Badghis is one of the provinces, where is rich of ancient sites, historical relics and monuments, most of which need to be repaired. 
In a telephone contact with The Kabul Times reporter, Ahmad EhsanSarwaryar said, “Historical monuments and ancient relics of Badghis belong to pre and post-Islamic centuries. For example, Qala-e-Nariman which is one of the historical sites with a background of 1500 years, if it was rebuilt early, it would have drawn the attention of tourists. 
Similarly tens of other ancient sites are suffering from the same situation. If all these cultural heritages and historical monuments and ancient sites are focused by authorities concerned, it would quickly improve the touristic attractions in this province.
Sarwaryar added, “Qala-e- Naw located on the right side of a valley with an area of eight hundreds square meter with a circumference of 365 to 457 meter with two gates on the north and south which has been enclosed with a ditch. A palace inside a small bazaar can been seen outside the Qala (fortress) in which over thirty shops existed before while over eight hundreds scattered houses were around it”. Sarwaryar went on to say that long before due to mountain slide few hundred meters to Qala-e- Now city southern of airport several caves appeared which were similar to Bamayan caves located on the west and east sides of the mountain. If archeological excavations take place there, it will result considerable outcomes.  These caves probably belong to pre-Islamic centuries and especially to Zorostrian eras. 70km on the west of Qala-e- Now city, is a famous castle called Qala-e-Nariman which contains ancient and wonderful monuments and old constructions. The Acknowledged historian Mir Gholam Mohammad Ghobar has mentioned it in his priceless book “Afghanistan in the course of history” as the Qala-e Kalyoon.
The Kalyoon wars during Genghis invasion are famous which last sixteen months until the food of the Qala residents finished but despite of that, they didn’t surround to enemy and ate the nuts and pistachios and affected by an unknown disease which was called body inflammation. Then 50 people opened the gate of Qala and invaded enemy and all of them were eliminated.
Sarwaryar explained that currently illegal excavations are going on by smugglers in Qala-e- Nariman, in BalaMorghab district and some other districts of Badghis province. This issue was time and again shared by officials to the MoIC and we expect the MoIC and MoI to prevent the act and safe hundreds unearthed priceless relics.