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Aqina Pool, northern Faryab’s most famous historical site

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Aqina Pool, northern Faryab’s most famous historical site
 Cultural heritages are in fact a country’s cultural capital, indicating its people’s culture in a specific time. 
Likewise, cultural heritages play visible role in attraction of tourists in a country which would pave the way for job opportunities as well. 
Acting head of Faryab provincial department of information and culture Zabihullah Naseri told The Kabul Times that his department has done much since establishment of the interim administration, but it is also facing multiple challenges due to financial problems. 
On Faryab historical monuments he said, “There are over 250 historical monuments in Faryab, 50 of which have already been registered in the ministry of information and culture and they have over 500 years historical background.”
Sometimes, domestic and foreign tourists come to Faryab and in coordination with tourism department, they visit the historical sites and monuments of the province, he further said. 
Historical sites in Faryab such as Maisara Hill, Kheshti Masjid, Zeghir Paya Fort and many more, have the historical background of over 750 years, he added.
According to him, Aqina Pool is the only historical site that has been repaired with financial assistance of people and the provincial department of information and culture.  
Unfortunately, there are many other historical sites in the province that have been registered in the ministry of information and culture, but we couldn’t reconstruct and repair them so far, he went on to say. 
On Babaye Wali madrasa he said, “In addition of Aqina Pool, we have also reconstructed and repaired the Babaye Wali Madrasa, where is the only brick-made madrasa that has over 300 years historical background and is about to be collapsed.”
He clarified due to financial problems, our department could not play significant role in repairing and reconstruction of historical sites over the last years.
In some areas, people have illegally started excavations and they smuggled out many historicaljewelries, dishes, etc., he continued. 
On insecurity, he asked the government officials to restore security of the province so they can easily visit all historical sites. 
Faryab is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the north of the country bordering with neighboring Turkmenistan. It has a population of about 948,000, which is multi-ethnic and mostly tribal society. The province encompasses 15 districts and over 1,000 villages. The capital of Faryab province is Maymana.