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Practical measures for preparing Herat to be registered in World Heritage List

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Practical measures for preparing Herat to be registered in World Heritage List
 Kabul (BNA)Practical measures are underway to include Herat in World Cultural Heritage lists.
Based on last instruction of the president of the country 1. 1 m$ has been allocated for management plan of Herat city and the work for implementing the plan in practice has already been started.
Arya  Rahoafyan the director of Herat Information and Culture Department reporting about the start of practical measures for including Herat in list of world cultural heritages says that for including Herat in the list of world cultural heritages, discussions were under way for ten years, but unfortunately there were no any practical work so far, but fortunately, due to the recent instruction of the president, special attention has been paid for implementing the program in practice and budget and other necessary facilities have been allocated for starting practically this  prideful  project. 
The head of Herat information and culture department added, based on the order, $1.1m   from state budget has been allocated and a new department under the title of “Directorate for Protecting Ancient Cities” has established within the framework of City Construction Department of Herat and approved. 
Mr. Rahoafyan calling one of important measures for including in the list of word heritages list to draw a clear picture from Herat along the course of history, this is  a management plan that should be made for the purpose and all historical monuments and relics of the city should be recorded in data base of this management plan. 
He added, the work for preparing this management plan has been already started by city construction department with cooperation of Historical Monument Department and UNESCO.  After completion of the works of the mentioned organs, we would be ready to prepare a proposal for nominating Herat to be registered in world cultural heritages and offer to cultural center of UNESCO. 
According to the director of Herat information and culture department, while this management plan provides the ground for including Herat in world cultural list, also would be prepared, although all historical monuments of the city based on international standards have been recorded which will be very effective for protecting the cultural heritages of this province.