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Samangan historical monuments require serious attention

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Samangan historical monuments require serious attention
 Samangan is one of the important provinces with historical monuments and cultural heritages with particular importance which are in dire need of attention and rehabilitation. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on this issue, the head of Samangan provincial department of information and culture Safiullah Wafi said, totally 56 ancient and historical locations and monuments have been registered in our department. It shows that Samangan rich with ancient  relics including Hazarsom and Toti caves, Kokjar, Roydoab, Qara Kamar, Somsangi, Chakabqoflani, Rabatak, Balahisar of old city, Takht-e-Rustom which indicates a great civilization of Buddhic era which is unique in the region.
He added, Hazarsom of Samangan located on the northern slopes of Hindukosh mountain between two important buddhic centers of Takht-e-Rustom in Aibak city and Bamyan with an altitude of over 3300 meter from the sea level and in ancient time connected caravans from China, Badakhshan, Taleqan, Kunduz, Baghlan, Samangan, Bamyan, Herat, Iran, Greece and Rome in one hand and Khawrazm, Bakhter, Aibak, Bamyan, Kbaul, Peshawar and India on the other. Most likely the well-known Silk Road that had connected China to Greece and Rome, had passed through this area.
Based on excavations took place by Italian archeologists in fall of 1961 AD in Hazarsom, it was cleared that people had been accommodated in this area and its adjacent places on the slopes of Hindukosh mountains tens of thousands years ago.
Although the Italian archeologists delegation has considered the historical background of unearthed relics from this area to the era of Pleistocen or stone era.
Wafi added, SomSangi located on the northwest of Samangan on a mountain known as Bost Mountain, surrounded by big and small stone house.
He went on to say, the cultural heritages branch lacks resources and budget for repairing and rehabilitation of those heritages as well as vehicles to visit these ancient sites time and again. We have not excavated ancient sites specially in remote areas while irresponsible individuals have been excavating these places. We only coordinate with provincial ANP and NDS departments to prevent excavations by irresponsible people. We have established four libraries in the center and districts with over 16000 books available to book enthusiasts, poets, writers and researchers.
Wafi suggested that ANP-012unit should be deployed to prevent illegal excavations.