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Amanullah Khan Palace in Ghazni needs reconstruction

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Amanullah Khan Palace in Ghazni needs reconstruction
 Ghazni—a second grade province, is one of the important provinces in Afghanistan. It is rich of historical relics, sites and cultural heritages, as Ghazi Amanullah Khan Palace is one of the historical palaces which is located in Moqor district, Ghazni province.
Ghazni head of information and culture department, Bashir Mohammadi told The Kabul Times that Amanullah Khan Palace in Moqor district has been built as like as Darul Aman Palace, but unfortunately, both of them have been destroyed during domestic wars and are in dire need of reconstruction.
“In 1395 solar year, in cooperation with a professional engineer, we have surveyed historical relics and cultural heritages of the palace, and after that we have reported to the ministry of information and culture and historical monuments department, but unfortunately, the department has not accepted the engineer’s survey and tasked a joint delegation to resurvey the palace,” he further said. Then, a joint delegation consisted of Ghazni provincial governor office, urban development, water supply, power and municipality departments resurveyed the palace and after that, acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari ordered that reconstruction budget of the palace should be allocated in 1397 fiscal year budget and it should be inaugurated on Afghanistan Independence Day. 
Unfortunately, the historical monuments department head has found out that the palace doesn’t have any map, due to which it won’t be reconstructed this year, he added. Likewise, Ghazni information and culture department has asked an architecture team to provide a map at its earliest, but unfortunately, serious attention has not been paid in the respect so far, he went on to say.
He said after reconstruction of the palace, we intended to change it into a big cultural center to youth, because, public library is also located near it.
If the palace is not reconstructed, heavy snowfalls and rainfalls would seriously affect the palace, he continued. 
Reconstruction of the place needs 9mln Afghanis and we ask for the ministry of information and culture cooperation in this regard, he added. 
“Totally, there are around 300 historical tombs and monuments in Ghazni province, and 30 of them have been reconstructed over the last one decade,” he said.