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‘Samanak’ welcomes spring

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‘Samanak’ welcomes spring
 Cooking of Samanak is part of Afghan traditions in preparation for New Year’s celebration. This tradition is usual in different parts of Afghanistan. 
Nasim Gul, one of women talking on the preparation of Samanak said that wheat is cleaned and washed, then it put in a tray, every day it irrigated and protected in a cold place. Those who close to that place or touch it, should already have ablution. Because Samanak is very delicate and if an unclean person touches it, wheat would be spoiled and Samanak would be fermented. Talking on sweetness of Samanak, Nasim Gul stated that Samanak is cooked without oil and sugar. Samanak gets sweet from its roots and turns red due to its green color. 

Nasim Gul went on to say, whenever Samanak grows well and matured, a number of women gather, take a clean tablecloth, put the matured wheat on it. Each women who has a vow, takes a batch of green wheat and cut it. Then count it, if it was odd, it means that Allah will accept her pray and other women pour other green wheat on her head and make pleasure. If it was even, it means that Allah would not meet her requirement and desire.
Then the women who took vow, invite friends and relatives women to Samanak cooking ceremony. They cut Samanak to pieces and put it in a meat machine. Then put the grinded wheat in a separate dish in water and separate its extract. Then put the juice in a big copper pot and make fire under it and cook it. Its cooking takes several hours and usually Samanak is cooked during night. Women and young girls stir it respectively until next morning by a Skimmer, Nasim Gul asserted. 
Water is poured seven times into the big pot and women and girls sing special song of Samanak.
Samanak is boiling and we stir it with spoons
The others are sleeping, we make our ladles resound
Samanak is the offering of spring,
Samanak comes once a year,
The girls are sitting around,
One more year of good luck!
 Some people add walnut to Samanak pot. She explained, next morning, the older woman opens the cover of pot and pray. Women believe that signs of rosary, moon and stars could be seen inside the pot. Then she distributes it to everybody including neighbors, relatives, and friends, Nasim Gul concluded.
Karima Malikzada