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Barbarism & demolishing of Buddha statues in Bamyan

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Barbarism & demolishing of Buddha statues in Bamyan
 17 years ago the Buddha statues were demolished by Taliban and this barbarism topped the world media articles in that time.
Based on the same, expressing wrath and indignation in connection with inhumane measures adopted by terrorists, it is necessary to mention few points to aware people and share with them the considerations of some witnesses and those who are interesting in affairs related to Afghanistan.
1- In the framework of Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia, there is no place for destruction of historical monuments. So, the latters which are indicator of culture and civilization of a country, is not acceptable through petrified Islamic thought.
Destruction of historical monuments of Iraq and Syria in Musol and Palmir cities by Daesh is nothing but reflection of barbarism that had behind wave of indignation in world level.
This measure of Taliban is as a stigma on the forehead of them forever and is condemning by Afghan and world history.
2- Destruction of Buddha statues in March 11, 2001 is not the first and last barbaric action of extremists but their barbarism, destruction and anti-civilization activities are continuing till date in different forms and frames.
Organizing and performance of suicide attack in ceremony held for celebrating from martyrdom anniversary of martyr of national unity, that recently occurred in west part of Kabul is indicator of our claim that barbarism is continuing.
Attack on civil people, religious centers and scientific and civil gatherings that are held as legal and peaceful manner within recent few years and are sign of cultural development prove that extremist groupings stand against them under any title.
This shows, extremists and terrorists common anti-Islamic and anti-humane positions before human civilization.
3- As cultural and historical capital, destruction of Buddha statues in that day and demolishing of schools and cultural centers as well as attack on civilization is indicator of this fact that these groupings are tools at the hand of foreign enemies and through any possible means act against our national interests, civil prides and cultural and political growth. Then, they accept responsibility to create discord among people.
The sort of attack and ascertaining places come under attack is taken place by Daesh and some others by Taliban.
Fortunately, with comprehending of these designs of our enemies, our knowledgeable people protect their cohesion and unity more than before against enemies and display it in practice.
4- With continuation of destruction and demolishing, we are witnessing that in Afghanistan fight and confrontation between the two methods of thinking is continuing.
Thought of destruction of extremists that is a tool at the hand of enemies of Afghanistan and promote inhumane activities.
They are making effort to face with challenges the thought of humane, civilized and convergence that is in harmony with worthies acceptable world-wide.
The thought of destruction making effort through any possible means and ways to demolish infrastructures, the beds of growth and cultural and scientific centers.
On the other, our well-aware people and young generation are moving with firm determination to make humane the social relations, expand economy and culture and constitutionalize civilization and co-existence.
It is a matter of hope that the movement of giving awareness is going ahead and in harmony with world civilization caravan, thought of destruction is facing with wrath and indignation of people more than before.
5- It is worth-mentioning that in peace process of Afghanistan, reconciliation and agreement with destruction and barbarism is not considered but work is going on those Afghans who are ready to give-up violence and terrorism and in the framework of laws and regulations promote their civil life, cultural and political activities.
6- As a result, the way would be paved for those who change their behavior and warn bosom of government and people is opened to accept them.