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‘Families should not exaggerate in their traditions’

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‘Families should not exaggerate in their traditions’
On the advent of Nawruz (New Year), the engaged boys take Nawruzi gifts such as, jewelries, new cloths, dried fruits, fried fish and different types of sweeties to their fiancée’s homes. In fact, this is a tradition of Afghan people since 500 years, so their future brides wears new cloth and to be always happy. 
Unfortunately, this tradition is exaggeratingly being celebrated among some families. Because, majority of families are not financially capable to do so, but some families that have engaged daughters insist that their daughters’ in laws ought to bring Nawruzi gifts, whether they are rich or poor. 
Ms. Laila who has been engaged seven months ago said, “Her fiancé’s family are rich and they have already brought Nawruzi gifts to her and she is very happy of her in laws.” Jawid, another youth who has been engaged a year ago said, “My family is not financially good.” He said I have witnessed that due to low economy, relations between many boys and their fiancées’ have been damaged, adding I don’t know what to do. “I am unemployed and waiting to find a job to make a good life,” he went on to say. He asked the government to pay heed in the respect or many youth’s life would be ruined.   When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sent to undertake the mission of prophecy, he has forbidden it and considered it as an extra expenditure. But despite of that it is still going on today.Therefore, Ulama should inform the people that Islam has never said so. This would prevent formation of families. Islam is a justice religion not a religion of cruelty or wrong traditions. Thus, the families should stop doing such wrong traditions and let their young sons and daughters form families based on Islam. Doing so would also prevent youth from wrongdoings and prostitution—a move would lead the society toward a bright future.