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Afghans celebrate Nawruz with similar tradition

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Afghans celebrate Nawruz with similar tradition
 In Kabul and provinces, people celebrate the new year with particular traditions. In Kabul, people go to Asheqan-o-Arefan, Shah Shaheed, Shohaday-e-Salehin Mazar-i-Sakhi (when Amand Shah Durani brought MoiMubarack from Samarqand to Kabul, on his way he put it there for few months) KhairKhana, Tapa Maranjan, Qargha, Rishkhor, Chehelsotoon, Badambagh and celebrate Nawruz.
This tradition is common in Herat, Logar, Parwan, Kapisa, Laghman and other provinces.
Tamana a housewife in Kabul said, at the threshold of Nawruz, people take special arrangements. They clean their homes equipments, cook different foods like rice plus vegetable, prepare Haft seen including vegetable, mushroom, salad, Seej, Simyan, apple, Vinegar, and serve them on tablecloth. Some people cook white chicken too.
She added, the families whose sons are engaged, purchase and take fish, Jilabi, seven fruits, cake, cookies, new clothes and sent to bride’s home. The bride’s family share them with their close relatives and friends. The girl’s family cook delicious foods, prepare chocolates and candy and send back to groom’s family as sign of friendship between the two families. 
Talking on Nawruz celebration, Rahimi said, Nawruz is celebrated in Mazar-i-Sharif similar to Kabul and rose flower festival with a background of over 5000 years. In spring, mountain slopes, deserts and valleys are decorated with Tuleps. People go to visit shrine of Ali and pray there. Nawruz festival lasts forty days. Males involve in different hobbies including Buzkashi, wrestling, camelfighting, cock fighting, partridge fighting, egg fighting, etc and celebrate Nawruz.

He went on to say, wrestling is more common among Uzbeks. Large number of people gather in a vast place and form a circle. Then the beginning of wrestling is declared by officials- in-charge. A big plate full of candy is put in the place and awards of the wrestling including a silk made-chapan, quantity of cash money and gold are also announced. Then the most powerful wrestler or knight take the plate and volunteers for wrestling.
His name is announced to public. If someone appeared as rival they shake hands and start wrestling. The winner gets the awards.
SafiullahNoori from Logar said, Nawruz celebration is not different from other provinces. People in Logar prepare a tablecloth with sufficient foods as well as cookies and milk and serve their guests. Gifts are given to engages. People apply collyrium as an obligation and enjoy it.  He added, taking good omen is an old tradition among women despite of being superstitious. Majority of people go to shrine of Mawlana Yaqoob Charkhi and celebrate Nawruz.
Talking on Nawruz traditions, RahelaBalooch said, no tribes, society and nation is without particular traditions and festivals as most of these are old and ancient. The Balooch people are living in Balkh, Helmand, Heart and Nimroz provinces. Balooch people prepare food and eat it together. In the morning people go to picnic and entertainment areas. Balooch people are not spiteful. On the New Year’s Day, those who are angry with each other, reconcile and restart friendship.
Shahla a housewife from Herat said, in my opinion, Nawruz celebration is unfading in Herat than other provinces. There are diverse traditions for New Year’s festival. People buy gift for their upcoming brides. In Nawruz I also blossom like trees. I clean home enthusiastically as I astonish our guests and visitors. 
She added, on the eve of new year we cook rice with vegetable. The last Wednesday of each year is marked as Chaharshanb-e- Soori in Herat. 
Karima Malikzada