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We celebrate Nowruz festival more splendid: Ministry

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We celebrate Nowruz festival more splendid: Ministry
 The spokesman of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MoAIL), Akbar Rustami in a briefing with The Kabul Times reporter said that the ministry of agriculture celebrates the festival of Nawruz of 1397 in 34 provinces of the country and this festivity would be more splendid comparing previous years.
It is a good opportunity for exchange of experiences, introducing of products and seldom products of Afghanistan to farmers.
Similarly, such exchanging of views taken place among merchants, exporters as well as about investment within this festivity.
According to the spokesman of ministry of agriculture, this festival would be held in first day of New Year in Badam Bagh of Kabul and a number of peasants of the country from all provinces will attend in this festival and would display their products. This festivity is also a good opportunity for marketing of Afghanistan products.
The spokesman of ministry of agriculture, Akbar Rustami added that no doubt, the agriculture of Afghanistan plays basic role in the sector of export and strengthening of national economy. So, the exhibition to be held in Badam Bagh during Nawruz festival of 1397 and can be effective in the life of farmers and domestic exporters.
In connection with programs of this ministry, Rustami stated that in 1397, this ministry would concentrate more on infrastructural projects that are include of building of great slaughter houses, spring houses, inauguration of quarantines and sub-stations in borderly areas of Afghanistan, expansion of horticultures and husbandry, construction of dairy production centers in Kabul, establishment of center of peanut process.
Beside this, the ministry of agriculture has its own priorities in the year of 1397 in connection with rehabilitation and reconstruction of irrigation system, expansion of horticulture, increment of crops especially wheat, preservation of forests and grazers.
In the sector of irrigation, Rustami said that based on programs of this ministry, it is planned that new networks of irrigation would be built in some provinces of the country. These networks are include of great canal, head-dams and dams and 30 percent of budget of 1397 would be spent in irrigation sector. 
New gardens would be constructed and be planted with fruit-bearing saplings in some provinces of the country. Rustami stated.
He added that this ministry is planning to expand poultry farms and beside this, home farms, flower beds and in the same time for self-sufficiency of farm holders the commercial farms are also considered.
Construction of dairy production process factory in Kabul can be a good step taken towards dairy products that are collecting from districts of Kabul province. This dairy product first would be processed in related factory and then offer to the market.
Hinting to horticulture sector, Akbar Rustami added in this sector, it is planned that home flower-beds, spring houses and green houses would be built for women so that they reach to self-sufficiency from vegetable and fruit points of view.
In the sector of crops, this ministry has good programs specially in connection with wheat production. 10000 tons improved wheat seeds and chemical fertilizer had been distributed to peasants by this ministry for increment of wheat yields. 
Similarly, it is anticipated that in 1397 solar year, from 4 to 4.5 percent wheat products would be increased in warehouses. At the same time, it is said that in the sector of natural resources and protection of forests, and grazers of Afghanistan and their rehabilitation, the ministry of agriculture has good programs.
According to the spokesman of ministry of agriculture, as a whole, 1.9 million hectars of land is covering with forests and 30 million of its land is include of grazers.
In upcoming year, this ministry considers to expand new gardens in Badghis, Badakhshan and Sar-i-Pul provinces. Said the ministry spokesman.
According to information given by this authority of ministry of agriculture, the pistachio garden borne good result in 25 provinces of the country and in New Year, it is planned that in 9375 jereeb of land new gardens to be constructed in some provinces of the country.
Two another factories would be built in Khost and Paktia provinces for the process of black Pine-nut, with construction of these factories the smuggling of pine-nut would be prevented to Pakistan and enhance our income.
Hinting to saffron of Afghanistan Rustami asserted that this year, the product of saffron has increased unprecedentedly for the first time.
According to five year plan of ministry of agriculture, this year, 8 tons saffron has been produced that fortunately, this figure has increased to 10.6 ton and also for the first time saffron plantation has been expanded to 33 provinces of the country while previously, saffron was cultivating only in Herat province. In connection with food ammunition, he said that six million ton wheat is needed by people annually that over 4.5 million ton wheat is produced inside of Afghanistan and remaining 1.7 million ton is importing annually to Afghanistan.