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Preparations for better celebration of ‘1397 Nowruz festival’

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Preparations for better celebration of ‘1397 Nowruz festival’
 The authorities of the MoIC said that based on a presidential decree special commission has been established for celebration of Nowruz festival and it has taken all essential preparations for that purpose.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on the goals and programs of Nowruz celebration commission, head of People Culture department and secretary of the commission Sayed Hakem Arya said, 21 bodies are members of the commission which is led by the MoIC. Its programs include  holding of exhibitions, Afghan local music, theatre, films, samanak cooking festival, Haft Mewah and Haft seen and all these will be held in five locations of bagh Babor, Paghman Palace, Badam Bagh, Chaman-e- Hozoori and Ahmad Shah Baba Mina project park.
He added the commission is led by MoIC Prof, Bawari. Over 600 guests have been invited from national bodies. This festival will be marked under the title of “One sapling for you, one sapling for Afghanistan”.
He went on to say, in 1397, Turkmenistan would be hosting Nowruz regional festival. “This is the reason why we have not invited foreign guests and they have been invited by the host country.”
He clarified, on the second day of the New Year, MoRRD and MoAIL would display their programs including exhibition of capital and provincial domestic products. MoD and MoI have undertaken security responsibilities of the celebration.
Beside launching of cultural programs, the MoIC would be dropping about 100000  congratulating papers to people from space.
He continued, Nowruz celebration is an ancient and traditional festival with a background of over 5000 years. We wish a secure, stable and prosperous year for our people.
ANSF authorities said that all essential preparations have been taken for proper celebration of this national cultural, traditional festival.
MoWA has also undertaken certain programs including holding of exhibitions of women products in Badam Bagh and other areas. 
The Afghan people would be celebrating New Year’s festival in the hope of a year and years to come void of violence, wars and full of prosperity.