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Chronological glance at traditional Nowruz festival

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 Since the reign of Aryayees in Bokhdi ancient (Balkh) particularly the second monarch of Peshdadians dynasty (Jemshed) the Nowruz festival was celebrated with seven days sapling plantation and hoisting of a flag.
1- In 1312 HQ, as per a decree of late Amir Abdurrahman Khan. Nowruz was officially recognized as an auspicious national day.
2- In 1300 solar year (1921 AD), late king Amanullah ordered the then acting minister of interior Mohammad Sarwar Khan to organize Farmer’s Festival in Nowruz in a place in which later Darul Aman Palace was constructed. On this occasion a brusher was also published and distributed.
3- In 1303 (1924) the Farmer’s Day was organized as per order of Ghazi king Amanullah Khan in Darul Aman area.
4- In 1307 (1928) on the occasion of Nowruz festival, the first issue of Nowruz magazine with editor-in-chief of Mohammad Nowruz Khan was published.
5- During the regime of King Mohammad Nader Shah, Nowruz celebration was organized, a military parade was setup and a flag was hoisted after the speech of the then MoD deputy minister Gen Mohammad Omar Khan in Mazar-i-Sharif city which continues till today. 
Nowruz customs, rituals and traditions:
There are particular traditions among subsequent Aryayee generations and Pan-Afghans as well as the regional people on this issue.Our and regional people have certain beliefs on this issue which are called in the history as “People Presages and Believes upon Nowruz”. For example cleaning of house as symbol of cleanliness’s one of Nowruz traditions. Usually, families prior to advent of Nowruz clean their homes, wash clothes, pillows, mattress and curtains as well as house equipments, so to celebrate Nowruz (Bride of Spring) with sincerity and commitment. They cook delicious foods, including vegetables, fish, milk, fresh fruits plus clean potable water. Haft seen and Haft Maywa are a must next day. All family members sit around a tablecloth, pray at the court of Allah the Almighty and eat meal with joy and sincerity together.
Sometimes, youth sing melody of Mullah Mohammad Jan which is sang in connection with marriage of Mullah Mohammad Jan and Ayesha.