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Music directorate’s Nowruz preparation

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Music directorate’s Nowruz preparation
 Music department of the ministry of information and culture has said it was doing its best to launch special local and Kabul original music during the traditional Nawruz Festival, an official said Monday.
Mohammad Omar Urfan, music director of the ministry told The Kabul Times that the first round of music would be held at the Marmareen Palace, the second in Bagh-e-Babur (Babur Garden), where the artists of the music department would attend the ceremony, during the upcoming festival.
He said his office was focusing on promotion Afghan noble music and the Afghan artists would join the concerts, with Afghan traditional clothing.

Sound pollution is the main problem, in the weeding halls and the restaurants during the nights, in the new year and we are trying to prevent such problems, he said adding his department was also planned to conduct special programs for the celebration of Saur 7 and the country’s independence, Assad 28, as well duly launching training programs for school students.
According to him, the ministry of information and culture has launched an investigation, after our suggestions for bringing some reforms in the music department.
He asked the ministry to provide cooperation and support to the department to original Afghan music.
Urfan said this was his office’s main tasks to control those music groups with no work licenses and those launching music programs would first be examined by the music department and can run their music groups.
He also said his department would launch a presidential office approved program within the music directorate, under which music experts would be employed, as he said the plan would help prevent reckless poems and music broadcasts.
The official said his main plan was to rehabilitate the main Afghan music and prevent commonplace and the imported ones.
This is while, Afghan original music instruments have been registered with the UNESCO historical, cultural and art lists.