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Proper places needed to process pea, peanut

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 Afghanistan products, particularly fresh and dried fruits are expected to be called one of the important resources to financially help the country.
Haji Dad Ali, head of dried fruits’ union told The Kabul Times the union has been established in 1361.
38 dried fruits’ factories and 28 pea frying shops have the union’s membership, he further said.
He added currently, 16 pea frying shops are operational.
During spring season, pea frying is more than other seasons, he said, adding in winter, the pea fryers are mostly fry peanut.
Peanut is mostly brought from Nejrab, Khost, Paktia, and Laghma provinces, he went on to say.
Lack of power is our main challenge, he said, adding we have contacted with relevant organs and soon this problem would be solved. 
A pea fryer, Hamid Khan said this has been my job since 30 years. There is 12 pea frying shops here, and six people are busy in each one, he added. Different types of dried fruits such as pea, peanut, etc. are being fried here, he continued.
He said we earned 60 afg by frying each seven Kg dried fruits. However, peanut frying is much easier than pea and it takes short time to be fried, he added.
Replying a query he said, “A pea fryer can fry 42kg pea daily.”
Generally, the pea frying ovens get hot by woods and sand, he continued. 
On pea processing, he said, “Pea processing is mostly done by women, but peanut is being processed by traders, because, we don’t access such a place to do that,” he added. 
He asked the government and national traders to import different types of machineries so we can properly process pea and peanut and supply it to market. 
Ms. Zarmina who processes pea in her home said, “Daily, I along with my children process nearly 20kg pea.”
She asked the government to provide them with fair places so they can process more pea and earn more money daily.