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Women’s handicrafts flourishing

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Women’s handicrafts flourishing
 Large number of ladies and women beside their higher educations, improve their economy through handicrafts. They are involved in their homes in handicrafts products to support their relevant families.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on her activities, Morsal Kazemi one of the handicraft producers said, I have completed my higher studies in the field of History and Philosophy of social sciences and beside education, I was involved in Kroshnil work and through this I support my six member family.
She added, I have not learned it from any teacher. I used internet and learned kroshnil and now I am able to knit children suit, tablecloth or tablesheet, Jackets, socks, etc and I accept orders from customers. I earn good wage. Once I displayed my products in an exhibition with good results.
Talking on prices of her products, she said, for the first time I participated in an exhibition organized by Promote Trainees and in which almost 50 percent of my products were sold. They cost Afs 100-500 respectively. It was a glad tiding to me and encouraged me to attend national and international exhibitions. I plan beside handicrafts, to display carpets, embroideries, jewelries, calligraphy, miniature, produced by women. I want to draw attention of national businessmen and government authorities to support our products.
She went on to say beside educations and Kroshnil handicrafts, the Promote Project has organized a program on women empowerment and leadership. This project has been held by women for women. This project consists of two sections of Jawanaha and Royesh. In the part of Royesh, there would be six months training out of which three months practical lessons in government and non-government organizations.
She continued, holding of exhibitions show capabilities of young and talented women and girls and provide essential opportunities to them to develop their talents and capacities.
A report released by UN development fund for women, said that in Afghanistan women receive one third wage of men while in many cases women are the only supporter of their families.