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Modern jewelries in Afghanistan

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Modern jewelries in Afghanistan
 Since old era, jewelries have been common in Afghanistan but it has recently developed and beautiful jewelry designs are made by machine similar to other countries and several jewelry manufacturing factories have been established in Kabul. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on modern gold jewelries making deputy chairperson of Jewelries Union HoshmandAman said, since long times, traditional jewelries were common in Afghanistan and our professional jewelers made and produced gold rings, necklace, bracelets, etc in simple form but today due to efforts of Afghan jewelriesgold jewelries making apparatus have been available and produce modern priceless jewelries.
He added, these apparatus started activities in 1383 H.S in Kabul. Each factory hasmouldand they can copy Italian, Arabic, Bahraini, Kuwait, Singaporean… with a 21.880 carat fine.
In Kabul there are almost 65 gold jewelry factories in different parts of the city like KhairKhana, Kot-e-Sangi etc. three factories are operating in old Kabul city and the gold carat starts from Sometimes jewelers produce jewelries with 6-8 carat.
Talking on the jewelries raw materials, he said, there are over 18 gold mines in northern Afghanistan and especially some people produce gold from Kokchariver in Badakhshan province. Beside these, jewelers purchase used jewelries and reproduce new jewelries. Quantity of gold are imported from foreign countries which is 99.99 pc clean than Afghan gold.Touching the control of imported golds, he added, markets who are members of our union, control quality of imported golds and prevent illegally imported and smuggled gold. The Union Prosecute violators.

He went on to say, whenever we import gold from Dubai or other countries, we have to pay more custom duties. We contacted several times with The MoF but no step was taken. We pay US $1380 per kilogram of imported gold. Jewelers face lack of Acid. We suggested MoI to allow us to set up an acid manufacturing factory but received no clear response.
Omed a jeweler in Kabul city, in the past particularly Kabul people purchased and preferred gemmed gold sets but today they prefer simple and modern jewelries.
He added, we imported gold sets manufacturing factories from Italy, Germany, Pakistan and India which are called C.N.C.M.D. These machines produce over 200 different designs. 
Talking on the percentage of jewelries raw materials, Omed said, our products are not pure gold. Because imported golds are 24 carat which are very soft. Each 1000 percent gold is mixed with 170 pc silver and copper so that gold become hard. If we make jewelries from pure gold, it seems that it is made of copper. We make 1200 gr gold every day that comprise of 300 rings. In my factory, 12 workers are working with different payments starting from Afs 2000 to Afs 12000 per month.
Talking on their problems, he said, our problems, include insecurity as well as repairing of broken machines because we have to import spare parts from Pakistan with high expenditures. If we take broken machines for repairing to Pakistan. It costs us too expensive. These machines cannot be repaired in Kabul. We request the government to allow us to set up jewelries machines repairing factories in Kabul. We import copper from Dubai and Pakistan. While Pakistan re-export Afghan copper Rupee 2000 per kilo. We ask government and national traders to establish copper processing factories in Afghanistan to get rid of this problem.