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2nd Almond Flower festival held in Daikundi

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2nd Almond Flower festival held in Daikundi

 Being as a basic product, Daikundi almond has plenty of customers in domestic and foreign markets due to its desirability, as for this reason, the second festival of Almond flower was also organized in this province. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Daikundi provincial Information and Culture department Mohammad Hassan Seerat said, the festival of Almond Flower was officially registered by the MoIC last year and its first and second festivals were held in this province.

Talking on the goals behind the festival, Seerat added, the main goals are introducing of agricultural products particularly Almonds, cultural-artistic riches, creation of entertainment and hobby, coordination and unity among people and bridging the gap between people and government on the occasion of flowers’ blossoms and lovely spring season. This festival affects economy of Daikundi people directly and indirectly. The almond flower cultural-artistic festival paves the way for social, cultural convergence and results in economic improvement.
Seerat went on to say, this festival is a good opportunity to us to introduce other local products including handicrafts, fruits, saffron, dairy products, beekeeping and gradually make marketing in global arena. Beside that in this festival poetical contest. Local music, national Atan, ladies’ handicrafts exhibition, exhibitions of dried fruits, artistic works and addresses of local authorities will be included. About 4000 guests from Kabul, Bamyan, Uruzgan and local authorities have been invited to attend the festival.
In his address in this festival, acting MoIC Prof. Mohammad Rasool Bawari called Daikundi as a province that has accommodated the highest humanitarian and natural wealth. Prof Bawari said, he has brought a team of engineers to survey and project Daikundi historical monuments for rebuilding.
Another program under the name of “Cultural Age” was held in historical castle of “Four horses” with the participation of provincial authorities, representatives of UNICEF, Team of Salsal Songs, artists and cultural professionals.
The Almond Flower cultural-artistic festival has been holding since 1390 solar year in this province with useful and positive results.