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Vesak and problems of Sikhs, Hindus in Afghanistan

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Vesak and problems of Sikhs, Hindus in Afghanistan
 Vesak, [however, referred to a ceremonial ritual celebrated by Buddhists in commemoration of the birth and enlightenment and passing of Buddha into Nirvana, all over the world], but Sikhs and Hindus also celebrate April 14 to mark it (or Bysakhi) around the world, with the minority in Afghanistan, where they are facing some ritual problems.
“There were not Sikhs in the past, Hindus were forced to convert Muslims, causing the 12th leader of Hindus to establish another religion to help thousands of Hindu followers join the new ethic and get rid of forced conversion into Islam,” Uttar Singh Khalesa who is the head of Sikhs and Hindus Council in Afghanistan told The Kabul Times.
The ritual ceremony has 320 years background to be held worldwide, said Khalesa who added there was five differences between Hindus and Sikhs, however, among them, Hindus have to shave their beards, while Sikhs never shave any of their body hairs.
Containing 1430 pages, the Groman Saji is our religious book and we don’t worship, except it, said the head of Afghanistan Hinud and Sikhs Council.

He said in the past, we have marked the day for 13 days in the country, mostly in Surkhrood district of eastern Nangarhar province, during which, up to 100 young couples got engaged and married, and also the ritual ceremony was held in Helmand, Kandahar, Ghazni, Parwan and other provinces of Afghanistan.
The process to begin and conclude the ceremony would take up to 72 hours, during which 12 people take part in meeting to recite the holy book and many poor people were provided with food and other primary essentials and wide number of Afghans including hindus and Muslims are invited to attend the ceremony, he said adding this year no one expect minister of hajj and endowment, deputy to the borders minister and head of Kabul Provincial Council and close police districts chiefs, attended the ceremony.
He complained about what he said a failure of their representative in the house of people to do more for them.
Dr. Aanrkali did less for the Hindus and Sikhs and they are facing many challenges beside security problems all over the country.
“Problems exist, not only for Hindus and Sikhs, but also for Muslims around the country,” said Khalesa adding their lands and properties are looted and stolen.
According to him, only 160 Sikhs and Hindus are now living in Afghanistan, with eight Daramsal (worship place) for Sikhs and two for the Hindus. “25 households are living in Nangarhar, 30 in Ghazni and 100 in Kabul.
He asked the government to provide them with more essentials, such as burning dead bodies according to their funeral rite, as during the eras of Saradar Daud Khan and Dr. Najibullah, they had no problems. 
To conclude with, he praised the government efforts to restore security in the country asked the government to help them develop their rite as well to help the Afghans get rid of the past 40 year chaos and mayhems.