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Ancient antique Chinawares available in Chicken Street

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Ancient antique Chinawares available in Chicken Street
 Chicken street is one of the oldest locations in Kabul in which tourists gathered due to availability of ancient and antique decorative goods including engraving, jewelries, silvers, golden, stones and wooden industries.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Mohammad Azim a shopkeeper who has been involved in supply of antique items and old chinawares in this street for over 50 years said, in the past there were over 300 shops here but today with the construction of high rise buildings, the number of these shops have considerably increased in which old, ancient, antique items, chinawares, different Afghanistan costumes and handicrafts are supplied and sold.
Talking on available chinawares in his shop, he explained, these items are Afghani, Chinese, Japanese and Russian which are called as Angees with red, blue and other undefined colors which were produced in China and Japan and were made by hand with elegant, delicate designs while today chinawares are produced by machine.
Talking on the background of these chinawares, he said a number of Russia chinaware were produced during the reign of king Nicholai that have a background of 80-120 years and are called as Gerdner, Kazneosov, Domora, Dasswachakosh, Janan, etc as the best one Gerdner are scarced with expensive price.
Talking on Chinese chinawares, Azim said, these are available with red, blue colors decorated with painted flowers which were used over 50years ago in Mazar-i- Sharif city restaurants and other cities.
Nice chinawares are also produced in Bokhara territory which are called Kanqar and are supplied with expensive prices.
For example one big original Gerdner teapot is sold Afs 7-8000 and the more bigger one for Afs 15000,16000,17000,18000. A chinaware big plate is sold Afs 10000.
Touching chinawares manufacturing in Afghanistan, he said long before every nice and priceless chinawares were produced in Afghanistan in Shaker. factory Its factory was operating only five years and they stopped due to unhealthy competition of rival businessmen who had imported foreign chinawares in cheap and low prices and thus bankrupted Shaker Chinawares co.
Azim added, I was refugee in Pakistan for a while and involved in the same occupation. Most people of Pakistan had purchased ancient chinawares.
Foreigners also purchase chinawares and don’t imagine that its their own products.
Humaira a local citizen said, in past years, use of chinawares were common among rich Afghan families in Kabul and some other cities and they didn’t use plastic, or metal dishes. But in recent years with import of plastic dishes and products, chinawares are seldom use, unaware of their harms to their health. I went to bazaar to purchase Fakhfoor chinaware but I found only one cup.  For the first time, chinaware industries were started in China and thus gradually influenced in other countries. Afghan chinawares of Janan, Gerdner, and Qasheqari enjoy universal reputation.