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Jam Minaret at the merge of breakdown

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Jam Minaret at the merge of breakdown

 Jam Minaret in Ghor province, is at the merge of collapse if the organs concerned do not pay attention, according to the provincial head of information and culture.

Jam Minaret, with 64 meter height and a background of up to 800 years is one of the country’s oldest monuments feared to be fully collapsed if the related organs don’t pay attention in its reconstruction, Fakhruddin Aryapur told The Kabul Times in a telephone contact adding another minaret (Qutb Minaret) in New Delhi, the new Indian capital had also been built under the auspice and order of one of the Ghorid kings, Muezuddin by one of that era’s generalissimo, Qutbuddin Aibak in 1199.
The Jam Minaret had been built in the era of King Gheyasuddin (558-599 lunar calendar), one of the biggest Ghorid’s kingdoms, he said adding natural disasters and lack of attention had resulted in up to 30 percent of the minaret collapse, according to the source.
“Up to 30 percent of the minarets beauties had been crumbled and the remaining is feared to be broken down, if serious attention was not paid,” said Aryapur adding that if retaining wall was not built around the minaret, the great historical monument would completely break down, while the security situation is not sure in the province.
The minaret had been registered by the UNESCO in the list of the world cultural heritage in 2002, he said.
According to him, few small retaining walls of the minaret completed with the cost of 400,000Afghanis from the emergency budget of the Ghor local administrator, this year had been collapsed partially and feared to be fully destroyed due to heavy rainfall and natural disaster.
The provincial director of information and culture went on as saying that he had got information about the allocation of 10 million Afghanis by the council of ministers, but the ministry of information and culture had not still commented on the issue.
Aryapu continued some 400,000 Afghanis had been allocated by the provincial governor office to be spent in reconstruction of the retaining wall, but this was insufficient.
If we receive the money [10 million Afghanis], we would be able to reconstruct the retaining wall to prevent from full distraction once the upcoming cold season arrives and the work times face challenges.
But, he warned if the retaining walls were not reconstructed and the surroundings were not provided with blockages against the unprecedented incidents, the minaret would fully collapse.
Some experts asked President Hamid Karzai to visit the minaret and order for reconstruction, as this tenure is getting to end.
In addition to the monument, there are 257 areas built historical monuments and small and big minarets. Karima Malikzada