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Bakhtar treasures exhibition hits highest visitors’ record

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Bakhtar treasures exhibition hits highest visitors’ record

 The exhibition of Bakhtar Treasure of the National Museum was officially opened by Deputy Minister  of Ministry of Information and Culture, Zardasht Shams, in Kyushu national museum of Japan’s Fukuoka city on Feb 24.2016.

In this exhibition, 231 pieces of ancient sites of Tapa Fulol, Ai khanum and Begram were displayed. Addressing the opening ceremony, Zardasht Shams said that the basic goal behind this exhibition is introduction of Afghanistan’s rich culture and ancient history to the world people, particularly the culture loving people of Japan. Expressing gratitude on Japan aids in cultural and other fields, Shams emphasized on development of cultural relations of both countries.
The deputy minister also thanked the Japanese aids, particularly Professor Hirayama, who has returned around 102 stolen pieces of Afghanistan’s national museum in the past fifteen years, which were kept in Japan. It should be mentioned that after the conclusion of the exhibition in Tokyo city, all the historical pieces will be returned back to Afghanistan.
In his speech, the Director of Kyushu museum expressed gratitude to Afghan government specially, the MoIC that has accepted their request and sent these priceless works to the exhibition. Through these two exhibitions in Fukuoka and Tokyo, US$ 250.000 as well as 40pc of the income of the exhibitions will be given to Afghanistan.
The Afghan Bakhtar Treasure is one of the biggest global ancient, historical and priceless collections and for the first time it was displayed in Paris, France at the request of French government.  
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, acting director of the National Museum of Afghanistan, Mohammad Fahim Rahimi said that Bakhtar Treasure was initially put on display in 2007 in Paris at the request of former French president Nikolas Sarkozi and ex-Afghan president Hamid Karzai that was followed later by Italy, Netherland, US, UK, Canada, Germany and Norway. At present it has been displayed in Kyushu national museum and in one month it will be displayed in Tokyo museum.
“The goal behind this exhibition was this to show to the world that we have rich culture and history and we are proud of them”, Rahimi added, saying that we managed to return a collection from Denmark and England and in near future we will witness the return of a collection of 102 ancient works from Japan which are currently being displayed there.
He went on to say. The exhibition of Bakhtar Treasure is one of the biggest spectacular exhibition that held at the world level and in some countries recorded the highest number of visitors. During the two months display in Japan, over 60.000 people visited the exhibition. “Since 2007, we have earned over 170 million Afghanis”, Rahimi added.
Talking on the exhibition of Logar’s Mes Aynak “copper mine”, Rahimi said: “Archeological excavations were started in 2009 in this area and so far valuable and priceless moveable and immovable relics have been discovered and the first exhibition of Mes Aynak was held in Kabul museum in 2011.”
“We also held exhibition in 2015 in the Prague city of Czech Republic in which 170 priceless pieces were displayed that included sculptures of Buddha, Pottery dishes, copper and silver coins as well as a number of priceless golden jewelries and female jewelries which were discovered and belonging to first-seventh AD centuries”, Rahimi said, adding that these relics needed restoration and fortunately the friendly country of Czech restored 170 pieces and were put on display on Dec 25.2015 in Prague. 
According to available reports, so faro over 15000 people visited this exhibition.
Karima Malikzada