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Buddha Purnima: Ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan could be destroyed by copper mining

 A 2,000-year-old Buddhist city, Mes Aynak in Afghanistan, rich in stupas, shrines and monuments could be razed to the ground if a Chinese mining company ... Full story

Afghan Karakul enjoys global market

 Breeding of Karakul sheep has been common among the Afghan people since long time, particularly among Turkmen who are usually living in Qataghan and Turkistan ... Full story

Wise leadership; South Korea’s quick development

 Still remembering horrible results of decades of civil war, South Koreans hurried to reconstruct their country and change it into an industrial hub of the ... Full story

Reduction of forced marriages in nine districts

 Forceful and compulsory marriage is a common tradition among the Afghan people. Based on this tradition, when a person commits a murder, the murderer’s family ... Full story

Bamyan local music at the merge of collapse

 A number of culturists in central Bamyan province warned that local music, particularly, that of Hazaragis were feared to be annihilated unless the government pays ... Full story

People cooperation, government attention essential in development of tourism industry

 Afghanistan has many cultural and touristic attractions and incase of inviting essential attention and investment in this sector and cooperation of people, this source creates ... Full story

Acquaintance with Takhar province

 Geographically, the ancient province of Takhar located 403km north of the capital Kabul with the Taloqan as the provincial capital. This is one of the ... Full story

Acquaintance with Paktia’s Mirzaka historical site

 Known as one of the mountainous provinces of the country, Paktia is located to the southern part of Afghanistan with an area of 16,862 square ... Full story

Families request implementation of marriage law

 Unacceptable traditions and huge expenses of wedding parties are problems that have affected our people and society for long time and prevented more youth to ... Full story

Judas tree flower festival

 The Judas tree flower festival is another spring entertainment, in Nawroz celebration which are held by Afghan people in Khawja Safa, Paghman beautiful valley. Takht-e-Istalif ... Full story

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