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How to provide traditional cloths?

 There are different traditions, local products and living styles according to prevailing special socio, economic and cultural conditions, factors and reasons in each society. People ... Full story

Historian’s view about Koochis

  These nomads have huge herds of sheep and goats and few Afghan hounds serving as watch dogs. Historians and archeologists describe that these flock ... Full story

Historian’s view about Koochis "Nomads" Of Afghanistan

 Many stories have been written about Afghan Koochies, one of them is Rabindarnath Tegor, which is the famous story writer and Nobel laureate of Bengal, ... Full story

Book reading culture among youth, adolescents

Book and reading has still its particular place among enthusiasts of research and study, but due to existence of plenty of internet and social networks, ... Full story

Holding exhibitions pave the way for investment in Afghanistan, Experts

A number of economic experts in negotiation with The Kabul Times reporter regard effective holding of exhibitions by the government of Afghanistan and those friendly ... Full story

UNESCO reveals winning scheme for Bamyan cultural center

 UNESCO, in collaboration with the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture, have announced the winning proposal for the Bamyan Cultural Centre. An Argentina-based team, led ... Full story

A glance at Juba or traditional picnic of Kabul people

 In the past, the Kabul people organized different picnics as one of them was called Juba which was started from the first Friday of Hoot ... Full story

Treasure of Borka district, Baghlan

As one of the fourteen districts in northern Baghlan province, Borka is located on the slopes of Hindukush mountains. Enjoying moderate temperature and good climate, ... Full story

Badghis historical sites, ancient relics need urgent attention

Badghis is one of the provinces which is rich with large number of ancient sites, historical relics and ancient monuments most of them in urgent ... Full story

Ghor historical monuments need urgent repair

 Full of ancient sites and historical monuments, western province of Ghor needs the organs concerned attention for reconstruction of their collapsed tombs and minarets, an ... Full story

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